• Autonomy should prevail in technology

    Autonomy is a vital element of technology. This is because engineers and technicians and corporations need to be able to come up with new technology without constant outside interference. There would be no new inventions if this autonomy were not part of the creative process. Computers, phones, and TVs would not have been invented if this were the case.

  • Autonomy is the purpose of technology

    Why do we have microwaves with timers or fridges with temperature regulation? These things are in place in order to free the humans up to do other meaningful activities like play Grand Theft Auto 5. Technology makes life easier by removing the mundane and arduous tasks from human control and gives them to an automated peice of technology. Because, you know...guns and hookers....

  • Autonomous Robots on the Way

    Eventually, computer algorithms will allow robotic technology to be more autonomous without the need for human masters. Consider machinery that knows when to repair itself and how to repair itself, without the need of human intervention, to keep itself running smoothly. That technology needs to know what is the acceptable time for repairs to make it run efficiently and at optimum performance levels. When more robots and machinery becomes autonomous, it alleviates the workload of humans even further and technology progresses as it naturally should.

  • Ethics not involved

    No, this form of ethical philosophy which helps describe how people make decisions is not a part of technology. A lot of times scientists will work and make technological advances, but do unethical things to get the task done and tested, even if they have to harm animals in the process.

  • The definition here of autonomy is misleading

    Autonomy in science does involve a benifit. Earliest technology was tools, and if a tool lowers the amount of energy that the user has to use up, it is a success, defined by science and the scientific method. Autonomy in itself will not be the end all because people are often part of the solution as well.

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