• Definitely he is

    Aang had a conection to all his past lives Kora lost it, No to mention we see Kora struggle with enemies Aang would defeat in seconds, She definitely was a half baked avatar too rash to be wise and to agresive to cement her power she picked up all four elements fast bit failed to be truly powerful with any of them, She was skilled but she did not bend with the same raw power Aang, Katara or Toph had

  • Aang did what she did in a year

    Aang had to learn all the forms of bending and master them in less than a year not counting all the distractions he had, korra had the best teachers in the world, years of training, zero distractions, yet still managed to be considered (Tarloks words not mime) a half baked avatar.

  • Aang No More Powerful than Korra

    No, Avatar Aang is not more powerful than Avatar Korra as they are both the same soul living in different times. As the identity property describes a thing as being equal to itself, and Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra are the same soul, then Aang and Korra must be equally strong.

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