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  • No he is not.

    This has been so well dealt with, and everyone with a little logic and reason knows he is not a racist. I mean lets look at it in a normal way and see who has Axl worked with in GNR: Slash (black), Frank Ferrer (latino) and Bryan Mantia (mixed race). This is not what you would expect from a racist.

  • Much like Michael Richards, Axl Rose's things are being used against him unfairly

    Seriously... A black man was a big part of Guns N Roses. Michael Richards was a friend of the black community. Compare that to Mathew Langford Perry ("Friends"), or Don Imus, or Thomas Jefferson, who hated blacks to death. So no, I think the "One in a Million" controversy is BS.

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-05-14T01:11:05.263
Why not try actually put a picture of Axl Rose up? Or is this because you don't know who he is. Lol.
Adam2 says2014-05-14T01:40:19.630
I put this picture to make a point...