• Who would go artificial?

    It seems absurd that unless by necessity somebody would choose to feed their growing infant with some sort of artificial product over their natural breast milk, which is how God and nature intended for a child to be fed and raised. There are many indicators that baby formula may cause problems later on in life in regards to health.

  • Yes it is.

    Study after study has shown that formula is much worst than breast milk. If a mother is going to use formula, she has to use other supplements along with it. I think in time there will be a better developed baby formula that will at least rival the quality of breast milk.

  • Baby formual is not MUCH worse than breast milk

    I don't believe that feeding you baby formula is much worse that breast milk. I think breast milk is better than formula, but to say that formula is much worse I think is an unfair statement. It seems obvious to me that feeding your child the way nature intended is better. However this is not always a possibility for every mother, and formula I think is in some circumstances just as good as breast milk.

  • No It Is Not

    As a parent I know what it is like to be pressured to breast feed and there are people out there who simply detest baby formula, but they shouldn't be attempting to make decisions for everyone. Some people choose to use formula and others are forced to use formula over breast milk. Baby formula is not inherently bad.

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