• Of course he is

    Baby Yoda is GOAT and here is why. He is super cute and is known to do a lot of things. 2nd, He eats chicky nugs and choccy milk. 3rd, He has a lot of memes and a chunk are COVID related. Last, Baby Yoda has a good reputation.

  • Just a cold move

    Porgs were not selling and han solo bombed. So they needed to come up with something to lure adults and children and what better way than with a baby yoda?
    It was created to get people interested in the Disney plus and to sell plush toys at high prices.
    I will agree baby yoda is cute but Disney is one cruel beast that is destroying the the entertainment industry and censuring stuff and erasing history.
    Small companies and cool movies will never exist because Disney destroys them or buys them out.

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