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  • not worth watching

    the bachelor in paradise is not worth watching. who wants to watch people go on dates and screw each other over. This show is for people to forget about their pathetic nine to five lives barely surviving. They need to wake up and see the world for what it really is.

  • No, I won't watch

    I think that they can only show the Bachelor so many time before it gets old. Just because they are in Paradise doesn't add any more attraction for me to watch. I can no longer get in to the show and feel that it has already run it's course and should be done.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    I think this is the worst kind of reality tv. This show has absolutely no merit and just shows the very worst sides of people. I know that some people like guilty pleasures, but there are better shows out there to watch than this one. I think it's embarrassing that this is still on tv

  • Not worth my time

    I hate reality shows. They are a waste of time, all drama, and I could be working instead. I work four jobs online, so if I am going to take the time to watch something, it better be something worth it. Not some stupid bachelor dating 30 women at once because they apparently have a hard time finding women.... Totally doubt that.

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