• Bacon Is So DELICIOUS!

    I have spent my whole childhood eating bacon. Even though it's bad for you, maybe try a bit because it'll light your bad mood up. My point is that everyone should try it even if it looks disgusting, just try new things and maybe you don't like it, maybe you do but to my opinion, I love it.
    Try to eat a bit every too weeks, it's not so good for you but you'll have a balanced diet

  • bacon is the best thing fire was founded-

    I love bacon, it is mighty. It is delicious, it is beautiful. I love when it sizzles in the skillet. It is as if it is trying to seduce me. It makes sweet love with my mouth. I am deeply in love with bacon. It is my soulmate. All other arguments are invalid.

  • Don't forget the non-meat eaters

    Too all the bacon lovers who claim that bacon is the best meat, you're forgetting those who don't eat it. Personally, meat made from soybean is delicious. It is healthier than that bacon of yours. Plus anyone can eat it, especially those who don't eat meat. (Just in case: to the ignorant folk out there, yes soybeans are plants and can be made into meat and yes soybeans make tofu as well.)

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