• Yes, ballet is a dying art.

    Yes, I believe that ballet is a dying art. Ballet used to be something that every girl would want to do, from the time they could barely stand. Boys would go into karate, and girls would go into ballet. In these days, there is a fraction of the interest that girls used to have in ballet. Now there is interest in things like cheerleading and dancing, which is a shame because while ballet is a refined, classic art, cheerleading is not.

  • Ballet Evolves with the Demands of the Time.

    Ballet has metamorphosed as history unfolded and it will continue to meet the demands of the present and future audiences. There is nothing like ballet and maybe it is somewhat esoteric, but there is an addictive beauty about the lines that is irreplaceable. It may go through spells of popularity but is always alive and well.

  • Ballet will never die!!

    More people are getting interested in ballet. Even though more people are into it, they are in it for the wrong reason. Look at any dancers instagram bio, Aspiring Ballerina is most likely there. But people have to realize that ballet is forever an art, something you need to respect, something you can't use for bragging rights. Its something you can't use for popularity. Ballet is the base of everything, the only style that makes a well rounded dancer!

  • Never Will Die

    Ballet will never die. In every generation there are unique dancers that bring forth new interpretations of dance. Classical ballet roles take so much from dancers, yet in every generation, there are dancers willing to go to the extremities that ballet demands for the roles. Ballet is unique in the way that it causes people to give up so much, yet it is such a gift, once they have worked until they cannot. It is a short career, but once a dancer, always a dancer. Ballet completely changes the way one thinks. Ballet may die in some communities, or societies, yet it remains prominent in some cultures more than others. Regardless of that, every single year in countries all over the world, dancers meet for international ballet competitions, (in NY, Paris, Lausanne, Moscow, etc,) and these dancers are proof that ballet is not a dying art form. They are willing to give up everything, and it is alive and burning in their hearts. Technology has simply changed almost all aspects of life. However, dancing remains unfixed. It evolves and constantly becomes better technically. Yet ballet, oh the beautiful ballet, has not changed. It is not dead, and it never will be. Dancers are often quiet people, but they are passionate, and have so much inside. You have no idea how one can be affected so much by this art form. For that reason ballet is not dead. There will always be a dancer. A person who is touched by classical repertoire, who's heart is taken by Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Bizet etc, and who forgets who they are because the ballerina consumes them. It is a drug, a powerful one, and even if society forgets ballet, ballet is endless. Compelling. Never dead.

  • Ballet still Prominent

    The Moscow Ballet still enjoys widespread renown, and people who are serious about dance still begin their careers by studying classical ballet. Young dance students begin their education by learning the positions of ballet. It may not be as popular as it once was, but it is by no means a dying art.

  • No, ballet is not a dying art.

    I believe that ballet is not a dying art. Ballet is a style of dance that is a classic dance and not one that has died. If you watch dance competitions on TV, such as "So You Think You Can Dance," you will notice that some of the dances incorporate ballet. The dancers will state that they took ballet lessons to learn how to be graceful. And certain ballets, such as "The Nutcracker," are just as popular as ever.

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