• Of course it is

    I want you to stand on your toes for 4 hours straight, at least and not complain. If we get hurt we go home and ice it and hope to dance the next day, you go to the doctor with a stranger ankle and come out with crutches! Dancers need to have the leg strength of a soccer player, the balance of a hockey player, the ability to look graceful as a equestrian, the core strength as a muscular guy and the mind of a mathematician. If it was easy they'd call it football.

  • Ballet is, and always will be, a sport!

    Ballet is my life. Even though I'm a couple levels behind from were I should be, I still put in about 25 hours a week over the summer. Ballet requires more physical and mental talent than football (American) and bullfighting. It's a known fact. I've met a girl that had to run out of class for popped blister caused by her pointe shoe. After she came back in with a bandaid, she just joined the class again. That covers endurance. As for the fact that it's not in the Olympics, well, deal with it. Cause football, wrestling, cheering and many other sports are not in the Olympics. Don't get me wrong, it is an art, but it still has huge competitions, such as YAGP, and others.

  • You need to look at the facts. If you know ballet, THEN challenge me.

    You think FOOTBALL or soccer is hard to do professionally?
    Just look at our dancers. Most of you who said no to ballet being a sport have never, ever had a lesson in your lives.
    Who are you to judge? That much pain, especially from pointe work is almost unbearable. After around 6 years, your toes are bruised. Your muscles burn so badly it's hard to get up in the morning. And the bleeding feet?
    Thank you, America's dedicated dancers!!!

  • It is a sport

    I dance 29 hours every week not including Sunday and I'm only 13 I've been on pointe since I was 10 and let me tell you, it's anything but easy. All guys at my school tell me dance isn't a sport ( I go to a sports school where I dance professionally) and all the hockey guys in my school say it's super easy. One day one of my dance teachers taught all the guys a real ballet class and she made over half the class cry (I'm not exaggerating). If you say dance isn't a sport then that means hockey isn't a sport or football isn't a sport because we work just as hard as all of you to get what we want. Theirs no faking dance you either give it your all every single class which is 3 hours long or you just stop trying. So yes dance is a sport.

  • Definatly a sport!

    Ballet is an art form, but more than anything it is a sport. I you have not tried ballet, you probably dont know what it takes. Most you girls go into ballet think that it is all about wearing a pretty tutu, and most do not keep doing it past the age of nine.

  • It is and always will be a sport!!

    People don't know how much time and hardwork people put into ballet. Ballet is just like any other sport, it requieres practice and it puts physical demands on the body. So those of you who say it is a sport you are 100% correct, and those of you who say it isn't put on a pair of point shoes and watch how fast you fall down!!

  • It is and always will be a sport!!

    People don't know how much time and hardwork people put into ballet. Ballet is just like any other sport, it requieres practice and it puts physical demands on the body. So those of you who say it is a sport you are 100% correct, and those of you who say it isn't put on a pair of point shoes and watch how fast you fall down!!

  • Ballet is a Sport.

    Ballet is an art form because of the way you move your body to the music, but it is also a sport. Ballet is very physically demanding, but most people don't realize that. Any ballet dancer can tell you that there are no breaks, the teacher doesn't go slower just because you're tired. The time you put into ballet is at the very least equivalent to any other sport. The stretching that is done outside of class adds up quickly. The fact that some people believe that ballet is not a sport and that they think it isn't physically demanding shows that they're caught up in the stereotypes that come with the word "ballet".

  • Absolutely a Sport

    In my opinion, ballet is one of the most physically and mentally demanding things any person could ever do. The need for power, endurance, flexibility, strength and perfect posture is what makes it so physically demanding, while the concentration and focus, taking dozens of corrections and striving for perfection are what make it so mentally demanding. It is this that makes ballet a sport. It is not all pink sparkles and fluff, ladies and gentlemen. It is absolutely a sport, and absolutely a hard one.

  • Of course it is

    Ballerinas sweat and try just as hard as any football, basketball and soccerplayes. ( etc ) They spend many hours in their facilities and compete just like gymnasts. It takes years and years for someone to be good at ballet, then people start to say that it is not a sport.

  • Dont kid yourself

    Ballet is like doing yoga at 10x the normal speed.... Its not an olympic sport, its not a regular sport, you wont be able to find it on any tv channel anywhere, there isnt a NBL (National Ballet League) or anything, there arent Ballet teams..... Its basically a hobby that some people try to overglorify into claiming it as a sport.

  • Ballet is not a sport

    I have already replied to several other things but I will say it again.Definition if sport is a physical activity involving a team or individual in competition for entertainment, first ballet has no competitions, other dancing might but not ballet. Second ballet is not for entertainment it's never on any tv station, ballet is made by a bunch of selfish girls who there parents want to support so they go and sit in a building where girls dance on their phones. And ballet will never be as hard as football have you ever heard of a ballet dancer dying because she danced to hard? No. The only way ballet will ever be a sport is if it's full contact ballet. And there's a risk to die from it. And yes I have had a ballet class I know how hard it isn't.

  • Maybe but not really

    Yes it takes great physical skill but it's not an actual sport because it's not competitive. Ballet is an art not a SPORT!!! If you don't agree it's OK but in my personal opinion ballet is a art. My two sisters which do ballet say if ballet was any easier it would be called football which us a lie I would love them throw a 99 yard touchdown ( they do ballet ). At the end of the day it's all my opinion that ballet is an art not a sport.

  • Sports have scoring systems

    Who are you competing against? Im not saying it isn't hard work, of course it is, and so is childbirth but thats not a sport, neither is robbing a bank, or pulling your own tooth out. Is there a ballet league? Is there a Ballet hall of fame? Ballet sports cards?

  • Ballet does not fit the definition of a sport

    The definition of a sport is 'an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment'. Although Ballet is extremely exhausting and and the demand for perfection in Ballet is extremely high, Ballerinas don't perform to beat other ballerinas. In gymnastics, however, gymnasts participate in competitions to beat each other instead of perform to an audience.

  • It is an art

    Although ballet is very difficult and physically demanding, it is an art because the sole purpose is to perform. Saying its an art does not denigrate the activity in any way and I do agree that it is very difficult, I am a dancer btw but since it was intended as a performing art, it is not a sport but a physically demanding and beautiful art form

  • It demands just as much if not more, but

    Even as a dancer myself, I wholeheartedly believe that "sport" does not describe what ballet means to the world. Ballet is an unbelievable athletic endeavor, and any dancer dancing professionally is clearly an athlete, but they are just as much artists. There is no competition (at least direct, there is indirectly through working for jobs), no scores, no ranking. Instead, you focus on aesthetic and visual communication with music, not just completing a task.

  • Ballet is an art

    Ballet is an art not a sport which is much better. I think ballet takes more physical strength flexibility mentality and endurance than any sport, but it should not be pinned as a sport. It is much more beautiful than that. And all you people who say ballet is easy, I'd like to see you even try to complete a foutte turn, arabesque, or even stand all the way on pointe. I have taken ballet for 11 years and I know how extremely strenuous it is. I pulled too many muscles to count and my feet have red marks and bumps all over them. Not to mention that I can bring my leg up behind my head and pull my leg up over my bak and touch my forehead with my foot. But if you still think ballet is easy, well, whatever helps you sleep at night

  • If You Think Its a Sport Think Again

    Most people say ballet is a sport do to the fact that it takes a lot of physical strength but that does not make it a sport. The definition to sport : a physical activity that is competitive for entertainment. So dance is not a sport its an art because dance isn't about the trophy for competitive dancers its the feeling as we dance.

  • Cuz move your body

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