• The Action is not Needed

    I agree that something needs to be done. Police brutality is a major issue, and needs to be taken care of. But I don't feel like burning down cities, just like in Ferguson, is going to do the trick. Is there not a more peaceful way that we can go about this?

  • Thugs being thugs

    Whether or not we side with the police, we can all agree these riots are unneeded. Businesses were burned, stores looted, people injured, all over perceived police brutality. These are not protests. These are not ways to vent your frustration. This is domestic terrorism, and should be treated as such. These are innocent people's businesses. What did CVS do? What did Ace Hardware do?

    They did nothing. People just want an excuse to steal and burn things.

  • What is the point?

    They are going wild and breaking into stores and setting buildings on fire and calling for justice. Now might have their reasons for being upset, but they shouldn't be using this as an excuse to loot local businesses who have nothing to do with the problem that they are rioting for.

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