• Band is a sport

    The definition of a sport is a bunch of people get together in one area to work hours and hours to get something right. A sport is a team that sticks together and always there for each other when y'all don't make it the way you wanted. Band is all of that band is a community where many different people come together to wok hard at something to make something perfect. Band is just as hard as a sport. Band makes people excited to watch just like you get excited about a soccer, Football, Baseball, Etc. In this conclusion band is definitely a sport.

  • What's the world coming to?

    I don't understand. What's the world coming to? Band Marching? Band? How is that a sport? Seriously? Every one thinking of music as a sport. Every one thinking of chess as a sport. Every one thinking of dancing as a sport. What next? Next thing you know art will become a sport!

  • Sports must use Objective Scoring

    In order to be a sport, Scoring cannot be subjective. Marching band is scored by 6 judges taking an individual category and having sole discretion over it for the entirety of the competition. Too many bands lose points because a single judge didn't like their style of marching, Not the accuracy of said style. Scores can also drop while bands continue to improve because the judges decided to put their scores in the 50-70 range instead of the 60-80 range. Subjective scoring cannot be used in a "real" sport.

  • Its music not sport

    It is using music and nothing to do with sports music and sports and music are nothing alike u use instruments in music but u don't use instruments u use physical movement in sports t f f ds sg fb fbd gdf dde geg rf rgg grh rggb rterghty6u6u ht

  • It is a skill, Not a sport.

    Band is more of a skill rather than a sport. Even comparing it to a sport sounds and feels sorta stupid. Sure, Maybe marching band exerts lots of physical activity, And that's understandable. But to compare it to a sport like football or volleyball really doesn't go well together and quite frankly would not make sense.
    Not to mention that when I argue with a band member about this topic, The only thing they do is resort to crying about how 'hard' and 'tiring' it is.

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