Is banning Muslim head scarves in public schools appropriate?

  • It could be offensive to students of other religions.

    As a public school student myself, I believe that head scarves are inappropriate school wear. My school has a uniform, and one of the items we are not allowed to wear are hats and scarfs. I don't believe that Muslims should be able to wear their scarves because they chose to attend the school, and if they don't plan on following the same rules as everyone else, then they should go somewhere else.

  • Public schools are by law not allowed to encourage any religion over the others.

    Christians, Jews, Mulsims, etc. They all are not allowed to wear anything religiously affiliated. It is done in public schools not to oppress religions but to avoid religious conflict. Therefore I believe all religious garments should be banned in public schools in order for there to be equality

  • Yes, because public schools have to consider safety first, and anything that can conceal something harmful is being banned nowadays.

    Even though it's unfair, the fact is that schools are banning articles of clothing for the sake of keeping students safe. Schools are banning hooded sweatshirts because they think these pose a threat due to the potential for concealing a weapon of some kind. Rules like this have to be all or nothing. There can be no exceptions.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Not in my country.

    The Islamic religion is the most dangerous teachings subjected on mankind. This is not a peaceful religion as its aim is to dominate the Earth. The wearing of head coverings is just the start of the breaking down of institutional rules that have existed in our country for decades. The next request will be for the school female teachers to wear head coverings to no offend Muslim students. The more we alter our way of life to suit extreme religious beliefs, the closer we get to Islamic domination in our society. Europe is reeling with Islamic influence. There are now Sharia courts in England, dealing with Muslim family disputes.
    Do not let this religion change our way of life like it is in many western countries. This country has taken immigrants from many nations over the past half century. They have melded to the Australian way of life. Not the Muslims. This is the first time we as a nation are changing and altering our laws to suite a religion. I was mortified when last year Julia Gillard pledged $500 million dollars in support of Muslim schools in Indonesia!!! What a joke. Take heed readers, the Muslim scourge is coming.

  • Banning Muslim head scarves in public schools is appropriate and the right coarse of action.

    Why does the rest of the world have to walk on egg shells around the Muslim religion, their religion is no better or no worse than the other religions of the world. Muslims that need to wear head scarves at school should go to Muslim only schools. Muslims should stop forcing their religion on the world.

    Posted by: F Clayton
  • Yes, banning these headscarves is appropriate as it causes a distraction from learning and causes tension between different religions.

    I feel that as long as we are a country that supports separation of church and state that we should not allow such bold statements of religion in the classroom. I would also support the banning of for example Christian children from wearing a gigantic cross on their forehead for the same reason. Religious symbols in public school should be kept small and private to avoid disturbing others beliefs.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • Religious expression is inappropriate in public schools.

    Students and teachers should not be able to wear any headwear or clothing or jewelry that promotes a religion. This is not an attack on the Muslim community. Christian, Jewish, atheist, and any other group must remain secular in a facility in which everyone of different backgrounds are paying taxes. If people need to wear these symbols, they can find a way to pay for a private school of their belief system.

  • I believe banning Muslim head scarves in school is appropriate because all other head coverings are banned.

    I do understand freedom of religion, but they have taken prayer out of school and Christmas and Easter celebrations. Christianity is the most popular religion in this country and it is censored every day. I do believe in the separation of church and state and think that it should be across the board. If Christian children can't publicly pray, why should Muslim children be allowed to wear their head scarves?

    Posted by: KerbyLuv
  • No headdress no praying no separate toilets

    The US government made the desision years back to listen to a few whinny parents and took the pledge of allegiance out of schools because it mentioned God. Then they jumped in with separation of state and church, which means state schools. Which means no praying in schools, no headscarf’s. If you want those amenities go to a Muslim country, I’m sorry, I still wanted what I was taught in school for my kids which was creation but some kids parent didn’t want there kid taught that and out it goes. Once you are on school property your kids have no religion, thanks to our government. So muslin kids are just like my Christian kids, no religion in public schools

  • More headscarves please!

    All muslim children, male or female, should wear headscarves at all times. 100% coverage except for the eyes. No exceptions. Easily identified, so that everyone can be vigilant about not offending them. Muslims caught without traditional garb should face serious consequences- this is absolutely essential to their fundamental human rights and those who ignore it do so at their peril.

  • It's honestly not affecting anyone but the Muslims.

    How anybody could get offended by a piece of fabric wrapped around someone's head is completely unknown to me. Being a Muslim does not make them, as a person, any different than any Christian, Atheist, etc. Having different beliefs does not mean that you are bad. Those with Christian beliefs are able to wear crosses, which is no different than a Muslim wearing a head scarf.

  • I oppose banning one's personal cultural practices as long as they do not effect others.

    In most societies particularly in democratic countries, individual rights include the right to choose and practice any religion. Unless there is a common uniform for everyone in the school, I oppose banning of Muslims from wearing head scarves; otherwise, it would be like snatching away their right, and it might create social unrest.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • I oppose the banning of Muslim head scarves in public schools, that would be considered racist, it is a part of their identity.

    It is quite obvious that head scarves hold religious and social importance for Muslims. If their scarves were banned, it would lead to discrimination as it is a specific element of their identity and who they are. The scarves are not a hazard or a distraction that they should be banned. It would cause many conflicts to rise as to what the message would be if a ban was put on them. If people cannot respect the way of life of others, they shouldn't expect to receive a gracious attitude from anyone.

    Posted by: MyHier
  • Headscarves should be allowed

    Headscarves should be allowed. It is part of the Islamic religion for females to wear headscarves. People shouldn't restrict others to not wear headscarves. It i interfering with religion and that is indirectly disrespecting the opinion as well as the religions of others. If I was implementing school uniforms and I was in charge of everything, I would make sure that headscarves are allowed (without ANY hesitation).

  • 1st amendment

    i understand the separation of church and state but people have the right to follow their beliefs anywhere they want and that includes in school. As long as they don't push religion on others it is fine and we only live in fear of Muslims today because our government basically labels them terrorist but they are not in almost all cases.

  • No, because banning Muslim head scarves in public school is absurd.

    What would happen if school teachers and administrators were banned from wearing their Christian symbols, such as the cross? I can't tell you how many teachers and administrators wear a cross as a necklace. They shouldn't be allowed to do that, but they do. If they are going to start doing this, then go ahead and ban men from having beards, people from getting tattoos, women wearing diamond engagement rings, the Amish from having their own lifestyle, and so forth. Yeah, make administrators and teachers stop wearing Christian symbols, first.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Muslim head scarves are really no big deal to anyone, other than the Muslims.

    If it is important to a Muslim to wear this scarf then, by all means, they should be allowed to wear it. Just look at those baggy pants that kids wear with their undergarments exposed. If that is allowed then, really, anything goes. The Muslim scarf has religious significance and meaning, where most other fashion trends are shallow.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • America was founded on freedom of religion, therefore banning Muslim head scarves is inappropriate.

    The United States was founded on freedom of religion, therefore we should not allow the banning of Muslim head scarves in public schools. Public schools need to reflect our most basic constitutional values and cannot be subject to regional prejudices that might exist in some areas of the country. The Muslim religion comprises almost one-third of the world population and its traditions should be allowed within our school, all of our schools.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Banning Muslim head scarves in public schools is not appropriate because it infringes on our freedom of religion.

    Our nation was created because of the need of freedom of religion. By banning Muslim head scarves we would be infringing on these rights. Although it may give an opportunity for these children to be made fun of because of being different, they have the right to do what is right for them.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Religion and state strictly separate?

    Religion and state strictly separate? At least that's what I THOUGHT I read in the Constitution...Also, burning of a Muslim headscarves interferes with religious freedom. America was founded on religious freedom. Simply because the majority of people may not agree with it doesn't mean my rights should be trampled on.

    Posted by: SIiPRoyce

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T14:59:27.990
First they persecuted the Muslims, but I didn't speak out because I'm not Muslim.
Then they persecuted the NRA supporters, but I didn't speak out because the issue is not all that important to me.
Then they persecuted the Capitalists, but I didn't speak up because I don't bother arguing with idiots.
Then they persecuted the Christians like me, and we were so dumbed-down by being politically correct that we didn't care.
Well... That 'bout sums it up.