• Yes, He is BAD.

    I think he is bad because he let aliens in our country and he's giving them MONEY for not working?! He said he was gonna lower the prices BUT he did not! Instead he INCREASED them. He think he is doing a good job, but he is doing a bad job. By doing research I heard (I don't remember this correctly but) he didn't get a good education, he dropped out, and he is can't even hold an OATH! Oathes are NOT suppose to be broken. He is a HORRIBLE president.

  • Yes and he's trying to be

    Firstly, Barack Obama is allegedly not even a bona fide American citizen, which is a violation of the nobility rights amendment section of the constitution. Secondly, he has intentions of introducing martial law - a suspension of the constitution - thereby plundering America into a temporary dictatorship. Does this suggest he has resentment towards the constitution and such grievances further suggest he has violated the right of the nobility amendment?

    As soon as he signs the national defense authorisation act petition, America has martial law. Martial law deprives the nation's citizens of their human rights and their freedom. Does he want to abolish freedom? Also, martial law compromise the legal and justice system, its pure chaos. Is this what Obama yearns for? Is this what he wants?

    Additionally, it is a known fact that Obama has lied on multiple occasions and has introduced new, radical and unjust laws.

    That is my opinion, what is yours?

  • Obama is a bad president

    Obama did NOT kill bin laden. Our navy seals killed him. Obama hasn't made the baton better. Taxing the rich more than the poor seems good but it's not. Everyone in America has an equal opertunity not equal stuff. The rich worked hard for the money they have. If you tax yachts very high so you can tax the rich more what really happens is that the rich will buy less yachts and do you know who makes the yachts? That's right the poorer people. So if less yachts are bought the less money the people who make the yachts get. Also The war on terror was not stupid and unnecessary. Think if someone punched you in the mouth what do you do? You defend yourself. The war on terror is the same way. And finally about gun control. If a store has a sign that says no guns what does that do? A bad guy with a gun will not walk up and say "wow a no gun sign. Well can't bring my gun in." Criminals don't care about the sign. In fact guns are the answer. What if a guy with a gun came in a bank to rob it. Suppose a good guy had a gun. He could protect everyone. Now you may not see my point but that is what I have to say

  • Obama is a communist

    I quote from tea party.Org "Party chief says thanks to Obama America is more willing to embrace communist ideals

    (Tea Party.Org) – Democrats are in danger of losing the Senate and the Communist Party USA is coming to their rescue, claiming they’ll unite the left and stave off right-wing extremism.

    The announcement came from party Chairman Sam Webb during a web streaming event called “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.” The event was held as part of the party’s national convention process. The process will culminate later in the year in Chicago where the party was formed in 1919."

    This is the exact webpage Just in case you guys want to take a look. Imajine, if the communist party supports him, he must be doing a lot of things that they agree with

  • For the Socialist he is.

    From a socialist perspective, he did very little. In fact, he fought an uphill battle in a country that was based on free market capitalism with a "survival of the fittest" attitude. Stepping back and looking at the big picture, I see the beginning of the end of this brief moment in history where the United States experimented with Socialism (started right around the Roosevelt era). The Republicans gives this President WAY too much credit for being able to destroy this country. He couldn't even if he tried. I do believe Obama is a good person, but he walked into a situation that arose way before the Bush era. But guess what, he chose this job and therefore should take responsibility and the criticism that comes with it. In summary, from a typical "democrat" perspective, he did a far worse job than expected. From a typical "republican" perspective, he was not nearly as bad as the far right portrays him. Quite frankly, he's just not smart enough of a Socialist (if he is one) to do ANY change to America.

  • Look deeper than CNN, Washington Post, etc

    IRS Scandal, fast and furious scandal, increasing debt, the list goes on and on. Funny thing is is if this happened to a republican president the media would crucify him/her. Those who like Obama are probably very trusting of the news and popular belief. From a practical standpoint, we are worse off today than we were 6 years ago. Bush was no angel, he screwed up a lot, but he loved his country and didn't do as miuch bad as Obama. If you think increasing the debt by nearly $10 trillion is a good thing, then I worry for America. If you think ACA is a good thing, then you're going to be in for a surprise in 2017 when you can't get your monthly checkup because there's too many people, or when your insurance rates go up for coverage that was worse than before. Seriously people, get a clue. Look up actual events rather than sensiationalized media (CNN, Washington post, Fox, etc.) And Obama took credit for the bin laden assassination when it was a work in progress for years under Bush and was carried out by DEVGRU. Never mind inflation or debt anyway right? Let's just print more money and hike up inflation so we can pay our debts! Libtards... And by the way I'm not "racially motivated" to not like him. If he were any ethnicity I'd hate him just as much.

  • Obama Is a Bad President

    Yes, Barack Obama is a bad President. Under his presidency, the war on terror-a pointless and expensive war-has not ended. In addition, President Obama has allowed the NSA to spy on American citizens. This has is unacceptable. It displays how President Obama has wasted the potential that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Barrack Obama is a good president.

    He has brought people together. He also has made history by being the first African American president. He also has a rich history. He is trying to reform the nation in the right direction. The other party is holding him back from his full power. He is the best president we have had.

  • Barack Obama is not a bad president.

    Barack Obama is doing the best he can in a tough economy and with a stubborn congress. Although he has not been able to do many of the things he set out to do, he has been doing a good job with things within his reach. His healthcare reform has been a major improvement.

  • Whenever something goes wrong always blame the guy at the top.

    Americans in my opinion are to stuck up and arrogant to admit their own faults and won't try to change things from the bottom up. Could anyone here do a better Job as President than Obama. I certain couldn't! So can we show just a little respect to him. I'm not saying agree with him because I certainly don't but just show some manners. Thank you for hearing me out and God bless.

  • He is doing a good job

    He is doing the best he can under the given circumstances. He was dealt a bad hand by George w Busch. But he has done some good things since his reign. He took down bin laden. And He's brought the stock market back on it's feet. And if he plays his cards right he can be a great president.

  • Generally, He is A Fine President

    While his handling of the economy and deficit are questionable, they way he handles terrorism (especially the assassination of Osama Bin Laden) and social and immigration issues is better than expected. Being the first president with significant non-white blood, he's not revolutionary, but he is certainly helping the country to a considerable degree.

  • Obama is the president this country needs and deserves!

    Barack Obama is anything but a bad president. I did feel sorry for him for a long time because he had to clean up the mess of the war and wholesale looting of the treasury that happened under the Bush administration. But I think his own policies have been quite admirable, and I think his legacy of Obamacare will be enduring.

  • Congress is Horrible

    President Barack Obama isn't a horrible president. He's trying to get things done, the problem is a do-nothing Congress that is too sharply divided between the right and the left. Moderates in Congress are the exception and not the norm thanks to redrawn House districts that guarantee a win for one side or another.

  • I don’t think that Barack Obama is a bad president at all.

    I don’t think that Barack Obama
    is a bad president at all. I think that
    the majority of his critics are racially motivated. Almost all of the loudest critics of the
    Affordable Care Act were critics of Obama before it passed. I think that almost all of these people hate
    Obama because he is black.

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