• President Barack Obama is a great president.

    He killed Osama Bin Laden, created better healthcare, has strengthened our relationships with foreign countries, he saved America from what George W. Bush left behind, and he has gotten many of our troops out of Iraq. He is a great president with great goals and ideas for our country. But Republicans make it so hard for him that he can't get anything done.

  • Could be and for the most part has been

    I believe that Obama COULD be a good leader. The problem is all the resistance within congress. Even when his term started a Republican had said they would do what it took to stop him from succeeding. He meets a lot of resistance and even if you don't believe it's all racism, at least some of the resistance he meets is simply caused by his race. Most people don't know of what he has been able to accomplish so far because they're too busying listening to Fox News.

  • Barack Obama is a good leader.

    Despite his many critics,Barack Obama is a good leader.He has tried time and time again to work with leaders in Congress and he has met with nothing but resistence.The way the government is designed,unless he gets at least a little cooperation from the other branches of government then he is able to get very little done.

  • Barack Obama is a good leader.

    Barack Obama is a good leader. Although he has had a lot of difficulties as a president, he has been doing the best he can. No leader could deal well with a difficult economy and a stubborn congress. In general, Obama has been doing a good job, and that's why he got elected to a second term.

  • Good good leader

    He is my best friend. He is black and he is the only black president who got elected into the Us of america leader. He is a good speaker and better then all them white guys and he will beat them in any debate. He is good in any sports.

  • Barack Obama is hit a bad president

    Obama may be African American but just because of that doesn't mean that he's a bad president ! He have done many good things for our country and we should all support him better instead of arguing and not working together. He may have mistake but if they are not big, it is fine

  • Looking at all the circumstances since being elected I think he did a great job being hand-cut by the republican Party.

    I wish president Obama would have a press to go over all his accomplishments since being in office. A lot of people only hear negative remarks about him. Obama should list all the positive things he has done since being in office. The country was in bad shape when he took over. I am very proud of our president.

  • He seems good

    I'm not even from America and I think he's a good guy.
    He's nothing like Stephan Harper, Obama took some time out of his day and went to learn a Native American Dance.
    Meanwhile Mr.Harper is trying to get rid of us.
    For what? Our land that THEY stole.

  • He is alright

    For many years I hated him, but when I did my research he has done many great things for this nation. He has not been the best, but he is not the worse. My family doesn't like him, but I like him. I like different. He could do some better things, but for the most part he is alright. Congress should give better support to him, and every president. I pray for my leaders.

  • He is a great leader!

    He's had to fix a lot of the mess Bush left behind. He's got great ideas for this country, it's just been difficult accomplishing them because of all the opposition within congress. He made deferred action happen for millions of young immigrants who were brought here against their will, which is not free and a good small source of income for this country.

  • Worst... President... Ever!

    If you are a Socialist or Communist... Then I can see how you'd support someone like Obama, who is doing his best to destroy Capitalism, bankrupt America, shred the Constitution, and divide our nation's citizens along race/gender/economic/religious lines.

    And why would he do such things? Because he wants to burn America to the ground, so he can rebuild it as a Socialist Police state (which is what he obviously thinks is best for our nation).

    But none of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has done their homework, and knows Obama's upbringing, and political career.

    He was born to a Communist father (who never married his mother), he was born to a Marxist, Communist sympathizer mother (who abandoned him when he was young), he was raised and mentored by Socialists & Communists, he attended a Marxist church (led by pastor Jeremiah Wright), he sought out Marxist professors, he attended Socialist conferences, he currently surrounds himself in his personal and professional life with people who are Socialists & Communists (people who publicly admit they admire murderous dictators, Communist, and Marxists like Mao Tse-tung -- even quoting them in public speeches), and he is married to a woman who is obviously Socialist when she makes public speeches that include statements like, "In order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

    Oh, and did I mention all of the HORRIBLE scandals he, and his administration have been involved in? IRS being used as a weapon against American citizens that do not agree with him (this is what got Nixon impeached), NSA spying on half the country via illegal and unconstitutional cell phone tapping, FBI/ATF/DEA/ICE giving drug cartels in Mexico guns that ended up killing an American border patrol man, CIA spying on Congressmen, the state department (under Hillary Clinton) giving "stand down" orders while the consulate in Benghazi was under attack (resulting in 4 Americans being tortured and killed, when they could have been saved otherwise), Obama unconstitutionally and illegally CREATING amnesty laws that bypass our immigration laws for 5 Million people, Obama going on camera over and over and over LYING to America that "if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan"... Knowing full well that that was incorrect (later the people that were involved in the creation and passing of ObamaCare admitted publicly that they all knew that they needed to lie to America to get it passed, because it would never pass otherwise)... And on... And on... And on.

    Oh... And doubling our national debt (currently $18 Trillion)... Taking on more debt than ALL previous presidents COMBINED.

    Tell me again how "awesome" Obama is... And I'll tell you how ignorant you are to the facts... Or willfully blind to them as the case may be. Or you're just a Socialist like Obama.

  • Shifting America and its people in the wrong direction

    Obama has many problems. He added $6,061,000,000 to America's national debt in his first term. He spies on American citizens and foreign officials. He is taking away our rights to bear arms. I know someone who works at a public high school in the ghetto. His kids do nothing at all because the teachers can't fail them. Then, when he asks them what they want to do when they get out of school. They want to get their own apartment in the projects where they already reside, get on food stamps and have many relations with many women. The girls care less. They want to do nothing and be fed by the system that is draining America. Obama is their supporter.

  • He is a shape-shifting Reptilian

    Barack Obama is a terrible leader because he is not human, he is a shape shifting Reptilian Humanoid. His ancestors were Jinn disguised as Lizard People who mated with humans and created a hybrid race whose bloodlines were the monarchs of old and later became presidents, prime ministers, politicians, and bankers, The Holy Quran proves that Barack Obama is a Reptilian, so repent and Believe in Allah (swt) today and accept Islam today as the only true religion Alhumolillah

  • Obama is the worst President ever!

    He has tried to ban guns, has spied on us Americans, and put us at risk by trading 5 Taliban leaders for a American soldier who deserted his post. Obama has added 6 trillion more to our debt. In fact I'm in even more debt then I was before when Bush was President! He spends billions of dollars on vacations as well as lets in illegal immigrants!

  • Puts Americans at risk constantly

    Barack Obama has put our very way of life at risk when he negotiated with the Taliban for one american soldier, and gave them 5 Taliban leaders. That soldier is no hero to this country because a real soldier would have given his life to defend this country, not to put himself in front of the value of other Americans. Obama also broke the law by not warning congress about the agreement, thus gives Americans the right to impeach him, because he put us all at risk. By threatening our way of life and disrespecting the law is not exception.

  • A leader that Waviers

    Barack constantly lied to Americans. Benghazi, and the IRS is a couple of examples, and so is the pipeline that could put thousands of Americans to work. He apologizes for American exceptionalisim. Make red line no country takes serious and now is trying to get Putin to get out of Ukraine just by words alone.

  • Was he the best option for a black president?

    There are so many more logical and distinguished black men in our country. Why did we elect a constitutional lawyer with hyper progressive ideals that are counter to what our country was founded on? He has not come through on any promises his base has wanted and had even changed his mind on countless instances such as going back to Iraq. He never defeated terrorism as he would like to believe. I could go in or days. We could've had a true black man who actually loved his country and could've helped the black community. Alas he will go down as the worst president in history... Period.

  • Obama Not a Good Leader

    Barack Obama apparently knows how to get things done, but they aren't always executed in the best interests of the American people. For that reason, he's not a good leader, although he isn't a terrible one, either. He has done far too much to hurt the civil liberties of Americans.

  • Obama is terrible.

    Barack Obama is a liberal, which means he wants more government. So far, he has invaded our privacy, tried to ban guns, and establish worthless programs that help no one except for the illegal immigrants and the beggars out on the streets who didn't care to get a good education.

  • Over Use of Executive Orders

    I do not believe Barack Obama is a good leader. I have supported him, however, I think his policies are a little heavy handed at times. I also think he has misused his powers of executive orders and he sees them as the answer when congress can't come to an agreement.

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Tadpole1957 says2015-07-16T16:51:51.330
The Man lies like a dog, he wants more laws, he wants my guns, he has divided the country. He gives everything away . No he has done nothing any good.