• He allowed everyone to get married to anyone they want.

    He is a good president because he allowed everyone to have the right to get married to anyone we pleased, whatever the sex. According to one of the statements he made making him the president, he specifically said that he would not allow Mit Romney to cancel our food stamps and in addition make getting married to anyone a law! I completely support Obama care and I'm now proudly married to my wife.

  • I believe Obama

    I think Obama is a good president, because he has brought the unemployment down, the economy has gotten better since hes been in office, and he has gotten the selling and buying of homes rolling again. We need spending in order for things to happen, like less taxes on the middle class and better medical coverage. Also, he his always there when we need him most. Like national tragedies like Hurricane Sandy, and others.

  • Obama is awesome!!

    He is one of the best presidents this country has ever had and he will go down as one of the most intellectual political activists ever! Obama came in to office when this country was at the worst economical period ever and has improved this country tremendously. I believe Obamacare will help this country, and this economy will come back out of its present economic stance in no time.

  • He did well.

    Just look at the economy. Four years ago, the economy was dead. Now, we are so much better. The real estate market is close to booming again, he killed bin Laden, he created "Obamacare", and he produced tons (and I mean that literally) of jobs. The gender gap regarding salary is much less now. He's kept more of his promises than other presidents of our time.

  • Obama

    President Obama is definitely a good president for the United States. When Obama took over for President Bush, the country was in a mess as a whole, and some people thought Obama would be able to come in and clean up everything overnight. Some of these problems such as our debt and struggling economy cannot be fixed overnight. Things like these take time and he made strides in his first term to address these issues with things like the bailouts.

  • What would've happened otherwise...

    Our spending per GDP was down before Reagan. Reagan exponentially increased spending. Bush Sr. Increased it even further. Thanks to Clinton, our spending went way down, on track to reach 30% of our GDP following the 90% spending. Bush came in and undid these policies immediately. The return to Voodoo economics is part of the reason we failed as a country. Obama needs to spend to get people back to work and then return to Clinton's policies which worked. Funny, Republicans always complain about spending but they've spent more than Democrats have ever done.

  • I think he is a very good president.

    Barack Obama is a good president because he won the 2008 election with two wars going on when he came to office. He is also a good president because he stopped a lot of stuff to do with wars and brought home many of our troops. That is why i think he is a good president. Thanks.

  • His democratic ideologies

    When a president of one of the largest democracies of the world can promote brotherhood and inspiring methodologies towards improvement, then its obvious he is meeting the expectations of the commoners. I am overwhelmed by his speech at the Town hall, Mumbai, India in-front of a gathering, which consisted mostly of students. Congo, Mr. President.!

  • Yeah, he is :)

    For every Obama supporter, there is someone who believes that he does an inadequate job as President. Critics believe that he is inattentive to military and national security needs. He does not seem interested in these matters and seems to focus largely on the economy.

    Some critics also believe that his ideas are too radical and simply not feasible in today's economy. They believe that giving more to the poor means taking more from the middle and upper classes. For example, the healthcare plan may bring care to the less fortunate, but critics argue that it does so at the expense of others, who may have to pay more for their care in the long run.

  • Come on people

    Would you rather have Romney? I wouldn't! Look at how natural he is with the people, and not to mention the way he handles things! The only reason why he doesn't look like he's doing anything for the well being of our country, is because of the stupid conservatives voting against him in every bill he tries to push through congress!

  • Communist, muslim, radical

    Obama has enabled Obamacare, the worst thing he could do. He then covered up Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and many others. He also was not born in this country. He has all fake birth certificates, further proving he was born in Africa. He is the worst president we have ever had!

  • NO, he is very disconcerned with the well being of our country!

    He is in favor of gun control, and anyone with any common sense would know that taking a weapon from a law abiding citizen would leave them vulnerable to a criminal with a stolen weapon of which the law never knew they had, and to add if they take the guns from the people, this would create a false sense of security for police officers, and then they would be more vulnerable for attacks by criminals with stolen weapons. And you say he is a good president?

  • Not even in a dream

    If one man could change the course of a country, I believe it is Obama. His hope and change has changed to tax and spend. Obama has been really good at printing money, and taxing everyone. His health care package will wipe out more jobs and hurt most businesses in the process. He is the personification of everything our forefathers attempted to avoid, yet he was re-elected by a public of free phone, welfare recipients who do not want to take responsibility for their own future. This once great country is in deep trouble, and I don't think we can come back, at least in my lifetime.

  • NOT one Once

    In 2008, when I heard the voice of this man, while most were exited - I knew our nation was in danger and on the verge of collapse - this African has taken this country back 150 years, he has destroyed all the positive steps African Americans have made - there won't be another black president in my life time . And I am 36 years old. When it's all said and done Obama will be and do well, his family and kids would do just well, however I pity the poor uneducated black men and single mothers. God help us.

  • He's mostly talk. He's done a few good things, but not enough to change the country for the better

    First of all, I respect everybody's opinion. That's why people have the right to vote. But, I am tired of people praising Obama and bashing other candidates/presidents and then insulting me when I state my opinion. It's an opinion. Neither is right/wrong. It depends on what you believe in. Why should one person be allowed to preach theirs and another not?

    One thing I can't stand is when people say Obama is great and they can't say why. This isn't all people, but a few people I have interacted with. When I ask them to list a few reasons they have voted for Obama or the "great" changes he has made, they can't. One thing most people state is that he has created Obamacare. Yet, most people don't even know where the funds for that program are coming from. More than 1/3 of the money is being taken from Medicare. That's making it harder for older people to retire and actually pay for the support they need medically.

    I will give Obama some credit and say that he is a fine speaker and has done a a couple minor things I can agree with, but one thing I will never agree with is his support of partial abortion. Most people don't even know what this is. That's because it's rarely spoken about. Partial abortion is when a woman is literally in labor, and a doctor suctions it's brain out while it is still alive. That's ok? That's murder.

    He's had four years to make a change. His changes were this: gas is up 108%, unemployment is the highest it's ever been, and adding to the annual amount, 71,000 more foreclosures were reported. He created $5 trillion in debt which is more than the past presidents COMBINED.

  • Non- residential Material

    Minimal detail- there is so much to be said about this man, but for the most part he is merely unqualified, this ranges from not being a US native (in which I firmly believe). Why else would it have been questioned? No other president had this issue? Our nation is not being taken seriously.

  • It was a let down...

    With all of the hype and change that Obama claimed he would provide once e became president, it just never came to be. In fact, he's not even an "alright" president, because looking at what he's done and hasn't done for our country, I'd classify him as below average. I thought that he would actually bring change, but really, he's just brought idiocy and shame.

  • Not a leader

    Flip flops on everything based on media awareness and how it effects him. Liar. Can't trust what he says. Typical politician. Will say what is popular but won't stand by it. He said - if you like your health care and doctor you can keep them. Now, there are loopholes to that. Stand by your word. Don't blame others ie: insurance companies, etc.

    I have a small biz and if someone in the real world stated something I would take their word. If they reversed on it, I would never do biz with them again. Obama has no idea how the real biz world works as do most politicians. Get rid of them all and let's start over with real people who have worked for a living, not been living off the tax payers.

  • His hatred of Americans...

    Is it not obvious that his strong hatred for America is showing by his actions to destroy it. Obamacare will be maybe the last nail to Americans who work. Employers will go to 32 hours and let the employees worry about the insurance that they cannot afford. The middle class is becoming the lowest class. When more Americans despise a president than the one ones who like him then that says a lot.

  • He is a weak leader

    I believe he is not a good president because he leads by polls instead of what is right or by his personal conviction. To be a good leader you have to be willing at times to make decisions that are unpopular for the benefit of the common good. Since he has been president he has often changed his positions after new polls come out and breaks his former promises. One example was his long stance on gay marriage which he always campaigned as being against. Then when new polls came out that for the first time in history that 51% of Americans are for gay marriage, he then changes his position to support of gay marriage. Not just supporting it, but going internationally as an aggressive advocate of gay marriage.

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