• He has a Muslim name

    He's real name is Barakh Hussain Obama(jr.).Hussain is 100% Muslim name.He admitted that he's Muslim in the conference at the white house.He prays 5 times a day if possible. Everything he eats is Halal. He doesn't eat Ham. His father's name is Barakh Hussain Obama. After he became president he went to his fathers grave did Fatiha (thing that muslim do) He does Salat al Jumma( if he can). He's probably Somalian. He fasts. He offered after Iftar dinner to the white house people.He did Umrah and Hajj. He was born to a Muslim family.He says Mashallah,Inshallah,SubhanAllah.He's Muslim! Get it!

  • Watch the video of Obama DEFENDING American Muslim Congressman.

    Perhaps you may say Obama is a Christian or something, but Video footage is video footage for one thing. Besides, as a "politician", you should acknowledge ALL lawyers are 75% of the time liars!! He, in my criticism may be saying that he supporter of popular religious belief well-supported in the US, but at heart he likely is SO devoted to Islam...Just using his "lawyer" or skilled equivocating defense to seize power(at least for a while).

  • Yes, he supports Muslim goals.

    Yes, Barack Obama is a Muslim, because his supports Muslim goals, and is sympathetic to the terrorists who hate Americans. Obama has also rarely attended church during his presidency, and has also even made jokes about Christians, and how they cling to their guns and their religion. Obama does not support religious diversity in America, and that includes Christians.

  • He has a fake ss number………….Applied for financial help in college as a foreigner under the name of barry s. He was disbarred for lying!!

    THESE ARE FACTS! HE HAD NO MONEY GOING INTO OFFICE AND NOW HE IS WORTH 15 MILLION????? Go figure Obamanites. He and his wife have both been disbarred from practicing law. His friends were all anti-americans….Benghazi alone was enough to impeach him. That was all totally caused by him…..AND HE WENT TO BED AFTER WATCHING IT so he could get up the next day and fly to Las Vegas to campaign!! We will never find out the truth on Benghazi because he and his party have hidden the truth.

    Posted by: Jere
  • Just because he isn't doesn't mean he is a good President.

    One of the biggest laws in Islam is you have to be open about your faith in Allah and the Quran. There are no such people who are "closet Muslims". Obama is definitely not a Muslim because of this reason. Also, he attends church and swore on the Bible, something that would get you killed in a Muslim country.

    -Republican Al Carter

  • That's b.s created by the tea party.

    There is no evidence Obama's Muslim. He's probably the closest to a Muslim we've ever had due to his extended relatives and his wild days in NYC, but certainly no Muslim. Raised christian, his only tiny Muslim connection was a father he practicaly never saw, and if spending a lot of your life in a Muslim country make you Muslim, you could say McCain's Hispanic for being born in panama ( well, the canal zone, which was american soil at the time)

  • No, Barack Obama being a Muslim is a silly misconception

    President Obama has stated numerous times that he is a Christian man. He has attended Christian religious services and observed the Christian faith for many years. The "Obama is a Muslim" rumor was started because of the President's middle name (Hussein) and the unsubstantiated (and false) rumors that he was born somewhere elsewhere than the United States.

  • No

    No, there is no evidence of this. There is solid evidence that he has participated in the Christian faith since the early 1990s. According to Barack Obama's interviews and writings, he is a Christian and chose that religion himself; he was not "born into" any specific religion. He has said his mother was spiritual but not religious. His father left before he was old enough to practice religion, but, although his father was raised a Muslim, he was non-religious by that time. His stepfather was from Indonesia, but has been described as very moderate in his views. When the president lived in Indonesia, he first attended a Catholic private school, and later a public school where Muslims, Christians, and Hindus (as well as some American children) also attended. The president has stated his step-father did not ask him to participate in any religion.

  • Obama Goes to a Christian Church

    Barack Obama attends Protestant Christian services on a regular basis. Although he admittedly dabbled in Islam as a teenager, Obama is not a practicing Muslim. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant and doesn't have the full facts. Plus, a man's religion shouldn't be called into question when electing someone to public office as per the separation of church and state.

  • No he is not.

    Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He'll tell you he's not a Muslim. His family will tell you he's not a Muslim. His Christian pastor will tell you that he's not a Muslim. Pretty much everyone who knows him will tell you that he's not a Muslim. The evidence is overwhelming, and it's time this issue just disappear.

  • No

    The fact that this is even a question concerns me. The fact that he goes to church every Sunday should be a good indicator that he is Christian. Obama being a Muslim is just a Fox News talking point on how he is un-american. I also believe this talking point is somewhat racist. When is the last time one of the white presidents was ever called a Muslim?

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MistyBlue says2013-08-23T15:51:34.500
I am sort of surprised that this is a question because it is completely irrelevant to anything. We should be judging the guy based on his policy not his religion.