Is Barack Obama comparable to JFK and Lincoln?

Asked by: WilliamsP
  • Comparable yes in same league no

    You can technically compare any two people and Obama is a president as was JFK and Lincoln but that is about all the positive comparison there is. If you compare them in any other way Obama is not going to be anywhere close to JFK or Lincoln in our history.

  • Barack Obama is comparable to JFK and Lincoln.

    President Obama is comparable to JFK an Lincoln because his administration is historic. He is the first black president, just as Kennedy was the first Catholic president. Like Lincoln, he was a senator from Illinois before he was elected president. He is also championing civil rights and populism like his predecessors.

  • It Will Largely Depend On Obamacare

    I do not believe we will know if Barack Obama is comparable to JFK or Lincoln for many more years. I think if he is remembered for anything, it will be the Affordable Health Care Act. If that policy matures into something that everyone can agree is a good, then I believe he will be comparable to JFK or Lincoln.

  • No, he is not a leader.

    No, Barack Obama is not comparable to JFK and to Lincoln, because those Presidents believed that all Americans were good, and they had a way of bringing people together. Obama has his preferences for the rich, and he also believes that some Americans are more deserving of others. He is not legendary, he is just a teleprompter.

  • No not in the same league

    Obama JFK and Lincoln were all presidents, that is about where the comparison ends on them. Lincoln did a great deal of good for a nation in turmoil. JFK was working on bringing needed change. Obama has had a chance to bring change but has failed in every way to do.

  • Different times, different leaders.

    The only thing that John F. Kennedy (JFK), Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama have in common is that they were the right presidents for their eras. Obama's never had to face down nuclear weapons from a global superpower 90 miles off our shores, nor has he had to lead an army into battle against insurrectionist Americans.

  • Obama is influential, but that's it.

    All three were heavily influential, JFK and his family were famous, Lincoln saved a country and Obama was the first African-American President in US history. All three are all great speakers and can identify with the people. However, that is where most comparisons end. Lincoln was one of the most able leaders in US history. He helped save the country from being split. JFK lead us through the Cold War and the beginning of the Space Age but he also made major mistakes. Obama's two terms have been a disaster in many areas. Labor participation is poor as many have simply quit looking, Obamacare was a joke and was more costly than many policies were before and his foreign affair decisions were laughable. Obama is a very good example of the Peter Principle; A great senator, however, he simply isn't a good leader. One of the few good things he did was pull troops out and, in a way, the bailout was a costly success.

  • No,Barack Obama is not comparable to JFK and Lincoln.

    No,Barack Obama is not comparable t to JFK and Lincoln. The main difference would probably be that Obama gets very little cooperation from the congress and other political leaders.JFK and Lincoln had their enemies but in the end they were able to at least some cooperation to get things done.

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