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No, and he is not trying to be.

  This is not a man who is failing at his goals. His history of having socialists and communists as role models and mentors shows his goals and motives, indirectly. I, however, will not label him as a "socialist, communist, Muslim" or anything else people have tried to call him. He is his own ideology; which encompasses many different beliefs/views. You cannot really focus on just one and label him as that specified ideology/belief system. Based on his stimulus package, and his weakening of our military through budget cuts and weaker tactics (hence, when he wanted to end water-boarding and Guantanamo Bay, he is someone who does not want America to be number one. He wants us deeper in debt, taking us from a little over 10 trillion in debt when Bush left to 16.7 trillion currently; adding more to the debt than Bush did, and in half the time!!!!!!!!! I do not see him as a good president, nor do I see him as one who is trying to be a good president. He has an agenda, and it is to weaken this country and boost up 3rd world countries.
JRM says2013-03-23T19:35:54.357
No your wrong! After you live a little longer you may realize people need to come first and their needs for surviving are crutial for living. Your focus is on: he may not belief the same way you do, military, national debt and the way other countries perceive our power. The President is focusing on what people need to survive. Such as Food, housing, medicine and safety (guns). His focus is not to weaken this country, his focus is to not let our people become a third world country. Third world countries have starving people, terrorist governments, people running around with assault weapons, no medicine, cruel punishments and the very wealthy keeping the people down with a convincing tone of you need us to survive. Ok enough good luck!
Anonymous says2013-03-24T04:32:50.973
Anytime the democrats are in control everything It is a living hell
JRM says2013-03-25T20:07:19.757
Anonymous sounds like a conservative. HATE vomits from their mouths and change is hard for them to accept!
Nyx999 says2013-03-25T22:01:15.723
Yay go JRM! I completely agree with you. Anonymous, come on, you have obviously never experienced a living hell. Do you know why China is quickly becoming "the best" because they have made their country a living hell through pollution and a ton of other things. Do you want Obama to make America the best? If weakening this country makes us SANE, gives us MORALS, count me in. And did you know that FDR was one of the first presidents to use deficit spending? It got them out of the Great Depression, it should get us out of our recession (which it did)
JRM says2013-03-26T02:26:12.630
Thanks Nyx999, sometimes I just need to vent, some people are so ignorant when it comes to what really matters!
SJD4 says2013-12-14T23:27:40.600
"He has an agenda, and it is to weaken this country and boost up 3rd world countries." Why would any Presidents agenda be to weaken his own country? Perhaps he isn't trying to weaken it in the sense that you are implying. It seems that he is trying to make America a more peaceful place to live. America is currently the most hated country in the world. Spending more money on helping out other countries maybe isn't such a bad idea. Maybe improving relationships, and not just for the sake of oil, could help America's reputation in the world. Also, Guantanamo Bay, do you think torture is okay? If you do, I think you have some skewed morals.
tiredoftheworld3 says2013-12-20T15:28:33.760
Wow. Bet you really wanted that rant off your chest. But honestly, agreeing with SJD4 here, why would he want to weaken his country??
SPA says2015-04-23T21:40:14.217
Good rant, but I don't see how not torturing people and lowering the amount of soldiers is bad. Lowering the amount of soldiers also lowers the Defense budget, shrinking the size of government a bit. More money in programs and inflation helps create deficit. Honestly if Obama wanted to fix the deficit, that would mean shutting down EVERY government program for at least both his terms. I think people might miss having programs like Social Security, public education, and public transportation.
FcAmerica says2015-06-03T22:23:15.357
Yeah we don't need so much money into the military the military says that it doesn't need more tanks but we keep giving them more. There is a huge parking lot of tanks (more than two hundred) near las vegas completely unused. We have been selling them to the saudis
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