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  Rather your for or against him. He has brought up alot of topics that need to be addressed. The American people need to be woke up. He has produced any and all documents, facts and information when asked to do so. Nothing has been hidden. He is morally correct according to the bible.
Anonymous says2013-03-01T16:40:01.587
Ha has lied about everything! Turned his papers. . .give me a break he has paid millions to keep them hidden for he and his creepy wife! If you want the truth, read his book about his father and watch the movie 2016! Those are his own words, and all he wants to do is sell out "our" country!
Anonymous says2013-03-03T15:28:12.800
Don't bring the bible into this because he is not following the bible at all. How can you evan think that?
JRM says2013-03-04T05:01:30.727
The movie is fiction. We are to trust in God not TV. His fathers life does not define who he is, just as your family doesn't define you. It is impossible to sell out our country. "Our Country" is made up of all people and God loves us all, Jesus gave us free will (choices) and Jesus wants us to trust his word. Read Romans 13:1-7. Even Christian radio needs to stop bashing authority. I will pray for less judgement made by our Christian brothers and sisters.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T19:50:44.433
Hey buddy, he hasn't released every document. HE REFUSES TO RELEASE HIS COLLEGE ENROLLMENT PAPERS! For someone who claims to have attended Harvard, he sure seems embarrassed to show his proof.
JRM says2013-03-05T01:13:45.847
If President Obama is falsifying his Harvard transcripts then Harvard is responsible to the American people to charge him with fruad. The reason this has not happened is becuase it simply is not true. The supreme court also has an obligation to do so. The fact is Harvard is well known for the "Harvard Republican Club" which was established in 1888. Do you really think the Republican Club, that still exists today, would allow President Obama to remain in office if he was really guilty of such a crime? Wow! After five years the republicans haven't busted him yet??
Anonymous says2013-03-29T06:27:57.657
^it seems to me someone even higher than him is pulling the strings....
JRM says2013-03-30T18:43:26.753
Who is "him" and pulling what strings?
Republican says2013-04-10T23:29:45.240
Uh... The american people need to be WOKE up?????? That doesn't make sense! And no... He tried to pass that he could have more than one term... And tried to hide it

Anonymous says2013-05-08T01:30:53.657
Morally correct acording to the bible? Abortion, gay marriage, and taking the rights of gods children? Hah! The blindness in your statement is so extreme it amuses me.
Jzyehoshua says2013-05-20T08:41:32.297
He's refusing to provide the emails on IRS corruption lately. This guy is the polar opposite of the transparency he promised, every time he is called upon to provide documentation of what occurs he refuses to do so and tries to delay as long as possible. The guy is utterly corrupt and dishonest like he was as an Illinois Senator.
Anonymous says2013-05-21T14:42:49.797
He claims he doesn't know anything about what the IRS, DOJ, EPA, or people under him are doing when they target HIS enemies. Produced all documents? What about his hiddin history?
College, birth records, lying to the world about Benghazi?
Right now he is in the middle of "Tripulgate"
Rhett_Butler says2013-05-22T18:13:50.403
"He has produced any and all documents, facts and information when asked to do so. Nothing has been hidden"

What a joke.
Tom_E says2013-05-26T01:45:21.393
I agree, democrats consistently rely on emotional arguments that are often not backed up by empirical data. Taxes have been proven to slow economic growth and yet democrats want to increase them during the aftermath of a recession? I'm sorry but we take really good care of our indigent already by giving them free food and greatly subsidized housing and such. They aren't really wanting except maybe for the latest smartphones which are a luxury and not a necessity. They are also devaluing our currency by printing loads of money which makes the money WE have become worth less and is effectively a hidden tax since it causes the value of your money to drop. I have seen people driving new 20-30k cars use food stamps at 7/11 on several occasions. The democrats may have good intentions but they aren't very realistic and they don't implement them very well. I can see why uniformed people think republicans are bad but they really aren't. They are more like that guy who tells you what you don't want to hear when you need to hear it
Rhett_Butler says2013-05-28T13:54:24.103
Regarding the excess printing of money- Actually, inflation only affects the upper classes-in that they get richer. Prices of our products go up, and our salaries remain the same, but big corporate manages to swell with more dollars, which are spent on bonuses, minor improvements, 'trade incentives,' and additional non-necessities. Rarely is it necessary for expansion.

The minimum wage makes this worse by demanding that small businesses raise salaries and how much by-hour workers are paid, which big businesses could care less about, because that inflated money is still going straight to their pockets.

It's just really ironic to me that the anti-corporate party is making things ridiculously better for big-corporate. They're putting enough holes in small business to sink a ship.
JRM says2013-05-30T01:31:54.187
Anon. Yes, the president is following the Bible! Abortion and gay marriage are choices. A gay person is not a choice IF a Christian judges others, the Christian is as guilty as the person they are judging. Our purpose as Christians are not to protest and condemn people but rather serve and invite the unbeliever into the house of God. Christians are no better than any child of God. Believing gives you salvation, not the right to judge! AND if your statement, "taking the rights of Gods children" has to do with guns, Its hard for me to believe that God said, heres a gun, now you be the judge, kill at will.

Rhett. As far as corporate and small business = two different things. Michigan's minimum wage is $7.40 per hour - I don't think its to much to ask for!
Anonymous says2013-06-20T21:57:27.233
Hey when are we going to pay our debt to China, huh? JRM the Bible says life is precious. So, its okay to kill babies who could one day be a great president? If Obama is a Christian, he wouldn't support gay marrige and abortion.
Anonymous says2013-07-03T16:26:10.370
JRM: the President is not following the Bible. Abortion is not a choice it is murder, the Bible is quite clear "Thou shalt not kill". The President supports gay marriage, that is not Biblical. You say we are not to judge, actually there is no condemnation in Christ. Therefore we are not to judge other Christians. However, this is not judging others but their behavior. Behavior can and should be judged and we should help our brothers and sisters correct themselves. The President condones sin in at least those two areas so he is not morally correct. Perhaps he is in other areas but he definitely is wrong on those two.
Anonymous says2013-07-03T16:27:25.800
JRM: Minimum wage was created with good intent but bad consequences, as so many govt programs run into. The $7.40 you mention sounds fine but how many high school and college part time workers were let go because of that increase? The vast majority of even low wage jobs pay over the minimum wage. Those that do pay minimum wage are typically part time. A large number of part time employees are high school and college students. When you raise the rate, you cut back on their hours and or their chance to get hired. Not the intent but that is what has happened.
Anonymous says2013-07-26T03:18:55.413
What about Benghazi and the NSA surveillance?
64bithuman says2013-07-29T05:12:13.800
What makes a good president? Results. Who gives a flying about anything else? Show me the money. Who cares about Obama bringing up topics. Really. Who cares? It doesn't matter, and I'll tell you why. At the end of the day what is the Presidents job? Is it informing the public about trendy topics? No. It is about caring for the country. It is about leading at the top without losing the common touch. It is about making hard decisions and, most importantly, getting what needs to be done, done.

He has yet to do any of those thing effectively. I, like so many others, am waiting for my "YES WE CAN" president to start living up to his lofty slogan.
RepublicanMan says2013-11-16T02:24:25.120
Well actually, not ALL Christians are taught against gay marriage. Protestants are typically taunt to be pro-gay rights and also don't listen to the pope. But yes, I'd agree, Obama makes for a terrible president. He is also one of the presidents that sneaks behind the congress' back, shifts and twists information, utilizing the media to do so. Obama also loves to bias a lot. He loves talking about Welfare being so helpful because it helped him in his time of need which all just peachy. Welfare never supplies the poor, instead it feeds the rich! Oh, and think of all those drone strikes that weren't necessary and still aren't. Think of the ridiculous ratio that cut out for Obama, 50:1. Kill fifty people for hopefully getting one terrorist! What an OBAMAnation (pun intended)! I mean, honestly, Obama is worse than Bush! Now, in Bush's defense, not all of the bad he'd done was his fault. It was Republican president working with a Democratic Congress and also Democratic America for the most part. Then Obama came in during the 2008 election as the first black man to become president, promising hope and change. Nothing changed beside our debt ceiling rising, the power plants we have that run on wind being shut down by lawsuits (here in MA that's happened a few times), and crap like Welfare and Social Security being funded by government! Then there's this louse that makes a big deal of himself named Joe Biden! He sits there and talks out of his ass nonstop and it sickens me! I mean, some Conservatives are that way, Newt Gingrich was that way, but this is just full-blown BS. To sum it ll up, Obama is a terrible president. And here's a little something for you all of you Obama supporters out there to take to the bank with you, "OBAMA=One Big Ass Mistake America!"
ashleynitchals says2013-11-26T01:07:13.593
He might have brought up topics but he sure isn't fixing them. He's making them worse.
YvonneHernandez says2013-12-06T17:49:24.420
He brings up topics so that you will trust him, he doesn't fix them though. He just puts this country more in debt. I'm not saying he's a bad person, he's just not a good President.
Loquacious-T says2013-12-15T04:45:15.967
Brought up a lot of topics? That is your argument? You need to have higher expectations of your leaders. He has done nothing but put Eric holder in as Attorney General and then have him stone wall all inquiries. You do realize both Holder and Obama should be held in contempt of court for refusing to provide information on fast and furious, Benghazi and the IRS targeting based on political views. If you voted for this and are happy, just imagine these same things occurring from the "other side". The list is endless and this guy is as am moral as they come. It is you stepford voter, that must wake p.
HamsterPants says2013-12-19T17:43:58.270
I used to think that Obama supporters were mythical creatures... Then I found this discussion.
MadamJustice says2014-04-02T12:24:44.623
Truth!? Bible!? Are you kidding? If you need truth it's even better to search in youtube! He is making his own truth! But I wonder, why he doesn afraid of hell?!!! Maybe because of being Demon himself?!
miadm.13 says2014-08-10T21:07:28.800
HA! Brings up topics. Does he actually do anything? Nope. He sits around like a duck and taxes us more.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-09-15T16:38:13.813
Oh does he? Miadm? What taxes has he increased?
Patch990 says2015-03-22T03:36:40.770
Ha! "Nothing has been hidden." I'm only going to ask one out of millions of questions. Tell me where his birth certificate is, and I'll be a liberal and give you my life savings.
Patch990 says2015-03-22T03:37:42.077
Plus, Obama's a muslim like the rest of them! So yes, he's morally correct in the bible.
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T13:01:24.363
Obama doesn't read the Bible. He reads the Quran. Apparently you haven't read the Bible either. What he's is totally against what is in the Bible.
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T15:35:06.667
Oops, Sorry for the grammar mistake above. What he's doing is not in the Bible. Show us in the Bible where he's right.
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