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  People of America, what have we come to? So many of the people today are stubborn and blame the president if higher taxes are considered. What you are blinded from is that a good percentage of those taxes are to help schools, something we TRULY need. How do we expect to prosper if we do not even take a chance to contemplate the fact that if we want to succeed as a nation, we need to support the source? The source is the younger generation! The schools! We need to improve the schools, but if you do not pay a few more cents of tax, we will not reach our goal to become a successful country. The drop-out rates are outstanding, the funny "coincidental" conclusion is that most of those who argue against raising taxes to support schools are those who dropped out due to a lack of good education.
Anonymous says2013-03-22T06:53:54.620
Actually the people making 6 figures and above are the ones being taxed more which would most likely be the people who have actually attended college and got their degree so before you run your mouth you should contemplate before you say ignorant things
Anonymous says2013-03-30T03:06:46.210
More education is not the key to improvement, and that seems to be the focus in Washington. When high school graduates are a dime a dozen, the requirements go up. How about we REFORM education so that people can actually get a good job fresh out of high school?
Anonymous says2013-04-04T12:24:32.847
The government picking our pockets by making us pay more on the tax is not the solution...Our country did good long ago before all these added taxes became an issue and the tax is the reason why most business people run to other countries. When a tax break is there the business people will be more open such as over in the Philippines where the corruption, although it is still there Noynoy made it where business people wish to come back now...I am an American, in the Philippines, and i have seen the corruption myself and I am beginning to see the fight against corruption which was ignored like a cancer without a cure years ago.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T06:36:24.690
How about instead of take, take, take we cut some of the pointless government spending and use that money. The only thing worse on the broken middle class than new taxes is all the inflation out current government has inflicted on us... Moreover, our K-12 schools are funded by state and local governments therefore you're argument is invalid.
Jzyehoshua says2013-05-20T08:44:08.333
Obama raised the public debt over twice as fast as Bush did, if he wasn't spending like a drunken sailor with taxpayer money there would be less need for higher taxes. We're spending over half the U.S. Budget on the entitlements of healthcare and retirement Democrats don't want to compromise o.
Matticus says2013-05-21T13:42:32.407
It is not just a few cents...And someone saying we need higher taxes for our schools means you are either a student who doesn't have the perfect smartboard, a parent that misunderstands how schools work and want their child to become better by throwing money at them and not by working hard, or you are a teacher in which I will have to say if you don't like your salary then don't teach. We are the world's leader in education spending. Other countries just spend their money wiser and hire better teachers. As a student I can honestly say that teachers are the main source of a good education. It is how they teach it and not so much what they teach.
Anonymous says2013-05-25T01:30:26.287
It is frightening how misinformed you are. Time to watch something besides MSNBC. Truly I feel sorry for you as I thought you were being sarcastic
ironperenti says2013-07-03T18:18:52.787
We do not need Federal intervention in education and those are the taxes you would be referring to. Instead, disband the useless Department of Education, reduce taxes, and allow states to raise and spend education dollars the way they see fit.
Tazwhite says2013-07-08T18:23:17.967
Lol..Wow, I love the Republican Bubble. Federal Income Tax for Families/Individuals making up to $151,000/Yr. Have the lowest Tax Rates since 1968. Also, he's only increasing Taxes on the "Affluent Americans"...I wonder where you get your facts...WAIT, LEMME GUESS....Fox News or some other "Conservative" Radio/Television Show/Channel? Tsk tsk..
XXXXX says2013-12-01T17:13:15.113
But you didn't say WHY he's a good president.
theJackster says2014-03-26T02:50:36.333
The Federal government is not supposed to run our lives at the level it does. That is supposed to be the States right simply because as a citizen of that State you have more say in how you allow yourself to be governed. Plus taxes do not help anyone, taxes come from the private sector and then get terribly mismanaged so by the time it goes back into the private sector half of it is missing;. Ever notice how they are always talking about taxing someone else, that is because some people don't care about their waste fraud and abuse as long as they aren't the ones paying for it. Real American isn't it.
CStephens says2014-12-19T01:21:47.017
Why can't America be the way it was when it was founded.
Patch990 says2015-03-22T03:44:39.417
Oh yeah, he's really helping schools with all of that Common Core and taxes. You know what? I'm saying no more.
WeaveWave says2016-05-04T01:42:01.177
U mean founding america by wat killing other people taking land and owning them
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