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Obama Is NOT A Good President

  He spent over 1.4 billion dollars on vacations. Also he spent more in one term than Geoge W. Bush in 2 terms. he has made lots of tax increases over the last 4 years. He in four years has budget deficits in excess of 1 trillion dollars. In the State Of The Union he said "Don't need a bigger government, but a smarter government" I agree except he is NOT being smart with our money. So all in all you can say Barack Obama is not a very good president. P.S I am a 5th grader, and yeah I pay a lot of attention to politics!!!
Anonymous says2013-03-02T02:50:09.243
That's one smart 5th grader!!!!!I hope we get a great president.....I'm 23, and I try not to pay any attention to him..I'm tired of thinking bad.....ur a smart kid.......
JRM says2013-03-04T12:46:49.427
It is very good for you to pay attention to politics. It is also good to here both sides of what is happening. When you make statements regarding any issue, you need to read reports from more than one source. Do you know what taxes pay for? Do you understand the the president has to get the approval to spend money? And if you are Christian read Romans 13:1-7. It explains about the president, government and taxes. Good luke on your lifes journey. Sounds like your a great kid.
Anonymous says2013-04-19T02:48:19.530
Then you are too young to realize that not everything you hear is true.
Anonymous says2013-05-08T20:08:18.837
Ummmmmm......... What ever your not that smart you should also know what other things that obama does and it actually helped our country grow.
Anonymous says2013-05-15T02:03:44.853
BO has arguably encountered and inherited the largest set of military and economic challenges as any president in history.

Failed miserably on multiple fronts, yes, bad decisions, yes, misguided philosophies yes, but you know what, he is committed, he is tenacious, he has strong character, regardless of the opinion of the character, he is very lincoln like.

He presides over a divided electorate, a divided a congress, a divided world, yet day after day he is still there doing his best, which is simply something I cannot say for Nixon, Bush I, or Bush II.

I am not a gun control advocate by any means, but when I listened to his speech after congress rejected his legislation, (I listened twice), it is hard for me not to come to the conclusion that if this nation is everything that it says it is, we are not intelligent enough to come up with better solutions.

In other words, if we don't improve current gun control we are hereby acknowledging that our current system is so perfect we cannot in anyway improve on it.

To say this President isn't a 'good' president is nonsense. Maybe misguided, maybe naive, obviously imperfect, but I am still proud this man is my president.
Anonymous says2013-05-19T06:54:13.230
Ignore the last three replies. Im a 10th grader at high school, and i can easily say that you, a 5th grader, know what you are talking about.

"then you are too young to realize that not everything you hear is true." INSULTING! If this post was actually written by a 5th grader (we have no proof, sorry if you actually are a 5th grader) then what you are saying is bogus. You should take a much more calm approach. You might be thinking that i am a hypocrite just by insulting you, but no, i am saying that you can not sound offensive to a child, even if you are a minor yourself. And besides, im sure that even a 5th grader would be smart enough to ask his/her mother and father about whether or not they should post something like this and confirm if the facts are true. But let's get real here: everything that this boy said shows that he knows what he is talking about, because everything he brought up is true. So check your facts carefully and look this stuff up yourself.

"also know what other things that obama does and it actually helped our country grow" is the most bs-ed line i have ever heard of in my entire life. I would like to know one thing that obama did that helped our country grow (and of course, a country grows with a strong economy).

"largest set of military and economic challenges as any president in history" it does not matter how big the problem is, it's whether or not we have a leader who can at least put a stop to these problems.

"failed miserably on...He is very lincoln like." there are many differences between lincoln and obama: lincoln actually solved at least a majority of the problems that were brought up before him, and obama could not even fix most of the problems that remain today; lincoln is more dedicated and cares about this country, whereas obama, as the brillian 5th grader mentioned before, spent $1.4 billion on vacationing and twice as much time vacationing than in the oval office...Real dedication; lincoln promised to never lie, and obama has lied about the overall number of jobs created, taxing on the middle class...I dont think i need to go on for that point.

"still there doing his best" if i were a leader of some sort (i actually am, but not as big of a role as the president of our country) i would remember that there is no "i try" it's "i do" and knowing that president obama failed to meet his promises is what matters most, not if he did his best and failed. That stuff only happens in high school, not in the real world (not even in college). As a leader, the president should know that if he does something that does not go in the direction that it should go, he should at least admit his mistake and find another way to fix it if possible.

"in other words...Improve on it." come on, we know that nothing is perfect. Ik that the president's policies are not perfect, romney's plan isn't...Hell even my methods of studying for a test or doing homework is not perfect. I'll give you the fact that we have to change something about our current system, and i would rather not bring up the terrifying attacks on the US because of how tragic they are. But the president's proposals of taking action are utterly stupid. Gun control is needed, americans have the right to bear arms, but obama's view of stopping or putting further effect on to gun control is not the way to go.

So if you guys think that obama is doing a great job, i have no reason to judge you for it (im being honest here). But i'll only stand by as an influence for the american people. They are confused about obama's intentions and accomplishments, and that if there is somebody who tries their best that they should be elected. But let's face it: at least most of the presidents or candidates try their best. So who would you vote for? Or else why would you idolize them for the work done? It's like you guys puzzle yourself thinking that what it takes to be president is to try and get it all done. But no. What it takes to be president, a leader, a human being, is that if something needs to be solved, then it happens, and it gets done.

We can't have a president just take far too many vacations. I havent had a vacation since i was in 8th grade (which was for a school trip!!!) and i still do not plan on taking one this summer. We need someone who we can trust, who can get something done, and who can actually sit with boehner and other members of congress on a fiscal budget deal be settled on, not a man who denies the fact that CEO's did not build their own business. Wake up america, we need the true facts, and im going to be the one to bring them all up!
SweetTea says2013-07-07T09:55:15.380
You are a 5th grader? When you've actually studied American History, World History & Economics ... You will be in a position to judge any President. As for today, you are parroting what you hear from adults around you & they could use more information.
Anonymous says2013-07-09T05:10:57.053
Maybe instead of parroting news you think is shocking, compare and contrast to the presidents before him. Also, do not believe the falsity that a president vacation is as relaxing as something you would do on vacation.
Anonymous says2013-07-12T04:10:39.097
Man are people dumb. Do any of you anti-obama haters realize that obama is not the only person running the country? We have two other branches of government to "balance" and "check" his power, so he cant just make our deficit go away, just like that- the congress is so divided now and republicans continue to filibuster everything and every idea that any democrat has to offer. It is so counter-productive. This two-party system we have is awful and it leads to bias...Obama isnt the greatest president ever but hes not too bad either, he's doing the best he can given the circumstances and everything he inherited when he took office
tiredoftheworld3 says2013-12-20T15:19:05.977
I agree that Obama is screwing this country but he's not the only one okay?
benhazelton says2014-03-04T16:10:53.680
I am sorry, but this kid needs help.
Dragonsarm says2014-04-01T12:34:55.177
Fox News strikes again!
Izziewoo says2014-04-24T12:25:29.070
I'm a 7th grader and I'm from England but recently moved here. At your age you are influenced by your parents decisions so you are just saying what your parents have told you. The news here is so bias and unreliable so next time make sure you have the facts and not just a rough guess!
WMcGuire says2014-07-31T16:02:41.977
The past two Republican Presidents (Bush 1 & 2) took more vacation time than any other President after 1960.
guthix says2014-08-02T01:46:18.523
Dude, im 100% against obama as well, but the things you just said... Just get your facts right next time k? Good try tho
popshcoom says2014-11-06T19:34:26.807
Ahh some more spin! And its actually spun spin! Meaning, chief intelligence officer and trusted fact checker Michelle Bachman claimed Obama has a $1.4 billion dollar per year presidency. She didn't say $1.4 billion in vacations. Ha ha ha, its so sad that so many believe this drivel. She spun it into others believing that its Obama and his family that cost this much. The figure is actually an estimate of what it cost to run the white house (things like air force one and tours and staffing and security included)

Under Bush, it cost $1.8 billion per year. Boom
shah8492 says2015-01-03T05:32:46.827
Problems with this argument:
a.) You have to get approval from Congress to spend money on stuff. So thus, you have to blame Congress, not Obama, for excessive spending.
B.) Tax increases for the rich are good. This way more money goes to the government and, *shocker*, the debt problem can be solved.
C.) Presidential vacations aren't your typical resort and 24-hour spa service with luxurious accommodations. They are usually for diplomatic purposes.
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