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He is bringing us down, to put other countries first.

  The reason he was trying to take our guns away is so that we would be weak. The only reason people don't attack the US directly is because almost every citizen is armed. So what would they do if our guns were gone? They would attack us. Obama was either being stupid or he was thinking that it might happen.
Anonymous says2013-03-26T00:25:38.907
This is not true. The only reason we want to unarm people with guns is because of the mass shootings, not because of other people attacking
Anonymous says2013-03-29T06:22:32.163
^and like that would stop killings? Psychos will always find a way to kill people.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T08:43:13.490
Yes you're right. If America reduces its percentage of gun ownership, then immediately countries from around the globe will swarm to attack. Good point. Don't be ridiculous! In the very unlikely situation of a land attack on American civilians by 'people' as you say, the fact that a proportion of American citizens own and use guns is not going to be deterrent. In modern warfare today, many other weapons are highly more dangerous. The reason gun ownership is a bad idea is because it encourages violence in society, and people taking matters into their own hands when they are unqualified to do so. Gun culture is also a major reason why America has one of the highest proportions of mass shootings in the world.
BeEsBe says2013-04-05T16:35:42.113
"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." - Isoroku Yamamoto: Commander and Chief of the Japanese Imperial Navy during WWII.

Although OP's argument might sound far-fetched, it's not as crazy as it sounds.
Anonymous says2013-04-21T04:47:11.483
....Um, well in Canada we don't have guns either and so far so good :D
Anonymous says2013-04-22T03:32:46.180
Sandy hook didn't happen it was the government trying to make guns look bad
Anonymous says2013-04-22T14:26:17.583
He did it because he knows that life is more preciouss than having a gun under a pillow, for those who still didnt evolve your head, you can give your guns to your children to play with them
Anonymous says2013-04-27T15:39:07.907
I would rather go to my grave never needing my gun than to go to my grave wishing I had it.
I own guns, I have the right to protect my family (at all costs), they will not take my guns and those that they DO take.....They won't find the rest.
killerhighheels says2013-12-04T02:13:36.897
Are we really still salty about the guns issue? Yes, guns are bad and I hope they are taken away.
warriorchick says2013-12-05T01:02:27.083
Guns prevent attacks against our country? Your guns worked very well against 9/11. Or that sniper shooter or against the many shooting that have happened. People buy guns in texas and go to mexico and sell them to children. Think of that when you don't want your gun laws changed
Reid_Decker says2013-12-21T05:17:30.703
Countries don't*
Reid_Decker says2013-12-21T05:17:44.373
That's the only reason people countries attack us directly? Not because we posses the most powerful military and happen to be the global market effecting every single civilized nation on the planet?
grace1 says2014-01-04T19:10:04.763
I'm just gonna go out on a lim here and say that other nations aren't attacking us because the people are armed, they aren't attacking us because the United States possess some of the most powerful weapons in the world. I guarantee you your gun isn't stopping outside attacks on America
FutureMarine1 says2014-01-06T23:29:21.203
Warriorchick, notice that all of those school shootings happened in gun free zones. And i live in Texas and own a gun, it is stored in my house and has never been out of this state.
MrT16 says2014-01-21T19:23:22.597
The reason he has tried to "take" your guns away is because if guns were illegal in the States, there would be no shoot-outs in the first place. Some countries don't even give their police guns. Win-win situation! If you get robbed, call the police. You'll also have something called "insurance". You do not need that kind of "home security".
They aren't attacking us because YOU'RE armed, they're not attacking because the first country to dare lay a finger upon America will not only start World War 3 but also be a radioactive cloud in a few hours. And lord, they're probably more inclined to attack us when they see every civilian with a pistol in their home.

He's done a lot of good for this country, think about that...If you can.
FutureMarine1 says2014-01-21T20:14:24.100
Criminals don't follow the law, making guns illegal is useless if they don't follow the law.
MrT16 says2014-01-22T20:34:26.680
That is true. I lived in the States for the best part of my life, before going to live in the UK. It blew my mind with the concept that their policemen didn't have guns, just nightsticks. But last year, the UK had like a 1.2 rate of murder, while the US was almost 4 times that high(in terms of %).
I'll agree, prohibition causes more problems then it solves in most cases. But I'm certain it's different with guns, since people (generally) don't get a kind of physical addiction do them.
Plus, gun manufacturers in countries where they're illegal are also cracked down upon hard. Along with the tightening airport security it's getting harder and harder to smuggle guns into the country.

I'm glad somebody wants to have a civil debate about this! I was certain I was going to get yelled at. Hat's off to you, man!
HarshButTrue says2014-02-05T23:49:12.440
Yes 600 billion dollars in the defense budget is really not scary. -.-
Kathryn3014 says2014-03-03T00:38:05.550
In your argument you are saying that president Obama is trying to take our guns away to make us look weak in front if other country's. That has no correlation what so ever as to why the president wants to take our guns away, the president wants to take our guns away because he wants to make America a safer place for everyone. You also said that other country's don't attack us because Americans are armed, it's because we have the best military and they know that Thor losses would be grater than anything they would get from fighting with us. Other country's are also not attacking us because we pose no threat to them as a country and we are fairly neutral. It's not that president Obama is trying to ban guns even! He is only trying to restrict the access of purchasing guns, he obviously can not ban guns completely due to the second amendment. I recommend you try to do your research before you make accusations that make you look stupid.
Izziewoo says2014-04-24T12:21:40.783
Did it ever occur that he would be doing this to keep YOU safe?!?! The gun crime in the USA is extremely high compared with other countries! 5 people were shot 1 night last week in Milwaukee alone! So now tell me that guns are a good thing....
whw1997 says2014-06-16T00:00:25.917
Sandy hook. Check this out then lets see how bad limiting the use of certain weapons is. http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/06/have_there_been_74_school_shoo.html
mabeeman says2014-07-04T04:38:34.553
I SUPPORT YOU HEAD ON! 100% If the gov takes our guns, they'll have power over us, and bound us in chains.
Per says2014-07-04T13:59:36.367
Its not your country. Its stolen from native american. You are an immigrant!!
Per says2014-07-04T14:01:57.203
Its not your country. It stolen from native americans. You are an immigrant!!
djXtreme says2014-07-10T07:58:39.803
Sir that is the most insane excuse for logic that I've ever heard! Maybe you should stop making moonshine & divorce your sister before you have kids that are actually more stupid than you!(If that was even possible??)
Jimmygreenp says2014-08-09T04:50:20.127
STOLEN!!! Are u smoking crack!?!? I suppose that Canada and Mexico were stolen too!! And beside, due to democrats such as obama, indians have better lives than the average american!?!?
steven2121st says2014-10-13T01:30:32.023
Not trying to take away all guns. He's trying to take away fully automatic guns, because they are unsportsmanlike in competitions or hunting.
popshcoom says2014-11-06T19:22:57.110
Whoever told you he is trying to take our guns away is lying to you, or spreading lies.
genealogyxie says2015-02-22T03:25:09.930
Because of practically indestructible and invisible nuclear submarines that can destroy country in the world.

Why is this comment at the top? I thought this was a website for intelligent discussions, not crazy people

Actually after reading some of the replies, my faith in this site has gone down quite a bit.
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