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No point in explaining to liberals

  They're so blind, and I really wish I could end it at that. But this requires me to use at least 50 words. There is no point in arguing with any of these people. Gun control, drone attacks on anyone who mentions the word terror, sending 250 million plus dollars to a man who is just going to use it on our allies, him going from country to country on his little apology tour, saying he has a plan and we're going to fix everything with "Obamachange". He has spent more money than all of the previous presidents combined. Too much to argue.
Anonymous says2013-03-18T04:19:09.260
Excellent. I agree
JRM says2013-03-20T04:37:32.417
No, I'm not blind or brainwashed or stupid or... I have done the research and like what he stands for and like what he is doing.
Anonymous says2013-04-21T05:17:23.497
Don't forget the bill he passed to map out the human brain. Money being wasted..
Anonymous says2013-05-02T07:44:51.277
Actually, GWB was the last fiscally conservative president the U.S has ever seen. Do some research before writing nonsensical garbage.
ladychuck says2013-11-22T16:43:37.147
I think you have a typo in your post; it should read "no point in explaining to republicans"....I'm sure you were just typing too fast and messed up; totally understandable.
Liberals as a group, tend to be more educated in that they have an urge to learn all sides....Keep that in mind before you start posting BS!
FutureMarine1 says2014-01-31T15:54:10.457
Actually, most (not all) liberals that i have argued with will actually attempt to leave the conversation without hearing my opinion, they just act like they are right all the time. So the fact that you say liberals as a group are more open minded contradicts my own experiences.
Kathryn3014 says2014-03-03T02:01:37.280
I happen to be a neutral republican but when I read your argument I can't help but have my first thought to be that your statement is blindly ignorant. Obama has had to spend so much to get us out of the runt that bush as put America in
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