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Why is he the president?

  I'm in debt worse than I was 6 years ago. Still a lot of discrimination such that a 40 year old can't find a decent job. He is making the economy worse, so many Americans out of work. He's bring illegals in taking our jobs, closing factories and plants. Where are all the top generals from the Military? Obama is not a citizen born in this country. America is not strong because of him. One nation under God!
Anonymous says2013-03-26T04:35:17.417
Your deeper in debt and that's Obamabs
JRM says2013-03-30T19:09:39.077
The president is not responsible for all that! Congressmen and senators are! Go to "nationalpriorities.Org" This site does not favor either party. Click on Federal Budget Process then click on "Where The Money Goes" hope this helps you. Write your congressmen and senators put the blame where its do!!
Anonymous says2013-04-09T03:17:29.177
He did not cause for you to be in debt. He is not bringing illeagals in. He is not closing factories either. He was born in the U.S..
Anonymous says2013-04-09T17:12:13.633
Actually, Obama was born in Hawaii, so therefore he is a citizen of the U.S.
Republican says2013-04-10T23:56:50.250
Where is your proof he was born in Hawaii???? Anyone can fake a birth cirtificate! I bet he was born somewhere else
Anonymous says2013-04-12T06:53:00.887
Youre in debt because you cant manage your money. Stop being a baby and whining, want a job get off your butt and find one.
Anonymous says2013-05-25T14:15:48.450
Jrm really Obama is terrible. He lies spends way more than he has, and then blames the debt on Bush. In the world almanac Obamas debt has been going each year he has been president. Gay marriage is completely against the bible so (in my opinion) he's not a Christian. People don't have jobs cause they file for welfare and don't want to work. JRM, he redistributes wealth, which is socialism.
ladychuck says2013-11-22T16:16:35.690
You are in debt because of choices you made.....You don't have a job because your grammar sucks ("He's bring in illegals in"...Really?) Stop blaming other people for your problems and take responsibility for your own choices in life.
jlenoconel says2014-03-30T07:55:21.167
There are less illegals in the country under Obama than there were under Bush. Thank you.
Izziewoo says2014-04-24T12:27:53.233
You are in debt because you are incompetent at handling your money! Don't blame the president for something that's your fault! 1 man can only do so much. Who says anyone else would be doing a better job than him. Find some facts I back up your opinion before you argue!
popshcoom says2014-11-06T19:39:27.813
What can government do to make the market and economy better? Isn't that government interference? Shouldn't they keep their hands off?

The problem is 1/2 the American population is effing retarded. Republicans, who represent the top 5% not in technology, hire televangelists and spread propaganda to make it seem as if they're actually looking out for you. They'll squat for you. Actually, they'll fight for your guns, and chastise gays and abortion, because that's all that resonates with the 50% nitwits that make up 1/2 the population. Other than that, they're giving pork to the top 1% who run the economy. These are the stakeholders of large business. These stakeholders are market driven to maximize profits, and thus choose to outsource jobs or in agriculture and construction, import illegals. It's business funds, not government, running the show.
engenius1 says2014-12-10T01:20:24.957
So it is his fault you are clearly irresponsible with your money?
shah8492 says2015-01-03T05:27:22.477
"debt worse than I was 6 years ago."
We shouldn't blame the President for our financial problems. That's like blaming Steve Jobs if your iPhone doesn't work. Debt is your own fault buddy, or maybe someone else's, but clearly not the President's.
"...Making the economy worse, so many Americans out of work."
Obama has created more jobs than Bush. This is a fact, not some BS spread by Fox News.
"...Bring illegals in taking our jobs."
Quick experiment: Ask yourself, have you ever experienced a time in your life where someone, an illegal, has legitimately taken the job you wanted? No? I thought so. Illegal immigrants are among the poorest in the country, they are not wealthy and not the reason for the poor American economy. Plus, just because you are born here, doesn't make you entitled to any job. You know what does? Qualifications. Who cares if an illegal immigrant is more qualified than you? The American economy would do much better if qualified, hardworking people were working in it, and not lazy people who blame the President for every problem.
SPA says2015-04-23T21:30:36.980
If you can't control your money that's your fault you ****head. Obama has created more jobs btw.
latinheat22 says2015-04-26T02:24:55.433
Don't blame the illegals for taking "your" jobs, if they were yours they wouldn't have the job, Plus you should thank Obama for letting them stay, they are willing to work, something people now a days won't do for 7.25. Oh, and look for a job! You wouldn't be complaining if your lazy self found a job, but I'm sure you will quit because of the wages and then get mad because someone, ( who is a better worker than you ) replaced you. In fact immigrants ( both documented and undocumented ) help the economy, if they weren't here, the economy will go bad, for there would be no McDonald's that your fat self enjoys.
RohantheGreat says2016-06-04T23:58:33.443
If an illegal can take your job, you have to ask yourself how is this happening.
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