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Republicans: you guys are stupid.

  STOP complaining about how 46 million Americans are on food stamps so therefore those people are lazy. THEY. ARE. NOT. LAZY. Many are unable to get a job. Many have been born into poverty. Don't be an insensitive jerk. Oh, Mitt Romney conforms with your mega-Mormon-anti-abortion beliefs? Good for you. A lot of America doesn't, so therefore the law should allow people to make their own decisions. The world doesn't revolve around you, sweetie-pie. Don't be a Republican. Republicans are bad people. Think for yourself for once. Why can't we just elect an Independent? Everything would be so much better.
Republican says2013-04-10T23:39:00.527
WTF!!!! Anybody can get a job! It goes like this sweetie-pie, you get off your butt, go to a mcdonalds, and you say some magical words... "id like to apply for the job" and poof! I'm sorry to bring you to a rude awakening but, some people might actually have to do some work to get money (hence the term "work"). Where is your evidence that republicans are bad? I could turn around and say the same thing about democrats but i dont because first that is rude and second they arent bad people, they just have different beliefs. The person isnt bad... The beliefs are. And anti abortion isnt mormon AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thomasyocum says2013-04-11T02:47:43.100
I also must say that is it really fair that I get to pay for people's food? I earned my food and kind of deserve the money I make so is it really proper to just give it away?
Anonymous says2013-04-26T23:20:47.553
People need to take responsibility for their lives and not expect handouts. I am a believer that your life is what you make it to be.
Anonymous says2013-05-08T02:09:11.943
46,000,000 people are on food stamps ..... They get everything for free while the hard working middle class break their back everyday to pay for their meals and expenses. How come when applying for a college FASFA form a middle class family is awarded with pretty much no money towards a state school and has to struggle everyday to pay off a college, but the people who are too lazy to work don't pay for a damn thing
Anonymous says2013-05-14T13:11:27.997
Anytime more people are on food stamps, its not a good thing! Your right many people can't find a job, however, food stamps cannot be one of the solutions.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T06:30:58.020
You know who doesn't agree with you that abortion is right, the dead baby. What about her/his opinion. Just because another life is an inconvenience to yours doesn't give you the right to take it. Blame all the religious whatnot you want for this opinion, (you can complain all you want, thats as garenteed by our constitution as Mitt's Mormon views) but in reality it's just common sense. Dumbass.
Rhett_Butler says2013-05-22T18:16:11.607
I'm a Republican because your side exclusively uses Ad hominem attacks-and name calling-to make any point at all. You people rely entirely on emotion, and follow people who lie to your faces and order you to do as they say, even when they are doing exactly the opposite.

I like a few points risen by the Democratic party. The party itself, however, is FULL of people like YOU.
Tom_E says2013-05-26T01:44:58.143
I agree, democrats consistently rely on emotional arguments that are often not backed up by empirical data. Taxes have been proven to slow economic growth and yet democrats want to increase them during the aftermath of a recession? I'm sorry but we take really good care of our indigent already by giving them free food and greatly subsidized housing and such. They aren't really wanting except maybe for the latest smartphones which are a luxury and not a necessity. They are also devaluing our currency by printing loads of money which makes the money WE have become worth less and is effectively a hidden tax since it causes the value of your money to drop. I have seen people driving new 20-30k cars use food stamps at 7/11 on several occasions. The democrats may have good intentions but they aren't very realistic and they don't implement them very well. I can see why uniformed people think republicans are bad but they really aren't. They are more like that guy who tells you what you don't want to hear when you need to hear it.
JRM says2013-05-31T02:15:50.117
If a person is receiving food stamps and is driving (owns) a 20-30k car the case worker is at fault. A vehicle is considered an asset and is deducted from the amount of food stamps a person receives. Could the car belong to a friend? Why are you spending your money at 7/11? 7/11 is very expensive, you could be shopping at a less expensive store and giving the savings to a hungry person. Our country wouldn't be in as much debt if people that can afford to go to 7/11 helped feed the hungry and housed the homeless. Why do republicans not want to care for people? Why do they assume that people that need help are liars and cheaters? If the Republicans cared more about the needs for people rather than the wants for their own selfish gains we wouldn't need a welfare system in the first place. The majority of business owners are Republican, if they paid their workers a good living wage, the taxes would go down becuase people would not have to rely on public assistance. Instead the uniformed republicans think that the business owner that owns 2 homes, 4 vehicles, a boat, a few memberships to country clubs and takes 2 to 4 vacations a year are entitled to it becuase they own the business. Mean while they pay their employee $7.40 an hour (minimum wage) and complain that they have to do it! You need to live a little longer and expeirence real life. You have been lucky, so far!
Anonymous says2013-06-20T09:17:35.740
"Don't be a Republican. Republicans are bad people. Think for yourself for once." So if you are a Democrat and vote Democrat then you are thinking for yourself? You are a hypocrite and just proved everything wrong with the Democratic party. You drink the Koo-Laid and mimic everything told to you by the party and insult anyone on the other side?
Anonymous says2013-06-20T21:50:39.387
So Republicans are bad and Democrats are good? This isn't a series of bad/good books. This is politics. Wake up.
Anonymous says2013-06-26T17:02:52.147
Excuses, excuses. There's plenty of success stories of people that come from poverty and horrible backgrounds. Why did they succeed? It's because they chose to. You can do anything with what you've got. That's a winners attitude...That's a republicans attitude. Which is ironic beacuse once a person becomes a successful winner is usually when they change views and become republican. Once they start thinking for themselves they finally realize how idiotic being a democrat was. Democrats and liberals think everyone deserves hand outs and are entitled to everything.
Anonymous says2013-07-26T02:42:42.173
I definitely agree with the first comment on this post, as well as the last comment. I know that at least most people in poverty don't choose to be in poverty, but what I don't understand is why they don't choose to look around and find any job. Even if it's working at a fast food restaurant, being a janitor at some elementary school, or anything in general...They should realize that they should not be lazy and sit around and complain about being in poverty. They should take action. Do something to get even a couple of dollars a day, just as long as it won't hurt themselves in any way. And to the person who began this post with the idea that "Republicans are bad people", you're wrong. There are plenty of Democrats who are bad. We are all bad in one way or another. If someone is born into poverty, they should AT LEAST TRY TO GET A JOB. As for your reference about Mitt Romney, you can't bring him into this argument. His so called, "Mega-Mormon-anti-abortion beliefs" don't have anything to do with how well Obama is doing as president. Besides, Romney said personally he does not like the idea of abortion, but would allow it if it's what the American people would want. I'm not saying that Democrats are bad people, but what I am really saying is that Republicans are far from bad.

- Just another Democrat
Anonymous says2013-08-07T00:21:49.077
About half of them are lazy, the other have are crooks that sell their stamps for cash
lightning1 says2013-08-08T05:47:26.650
So every republican is a mega-mormon?
And since you are so sensitive you probably have acquainted youself with every Republican and made such an informed and rational opinion.
I'm guessing you also interviewed the millions living on welfare to find out if they were lazy or not?
Anonymous says2013-08-11T02:15:52.663
Yes, actually they are lazy or they're not trying hard enough. My parents came to this country with 2 dollars so don't talk to me about poverty. Now my parents own and run their own businesses. The problem is Americans are not confident enough to invest to make money. And if they decide to invest, they do it in something that is sure to fail. They end up squandering their money because most don't have the mindset to be a good entrepreneurs like most Indian and Chinese people.
YvonneHernandez says2013-12-06T16:26:17.010
It seems to me YOU are the insensitive jerk. Have you ever thought that maybe those people can't get jobs because Obama won't take the time and effort to make it possible to get jobs? And at least Romney was honest throughout his entire election, whereas Obama told lies to get into the office. How do I know that Romney told the truth? He had so much to lose telling people he was Mormon, and why else would he tell ALL of his plans and show that he had the time, effort, and money to put this country back into business? At least Republicans don't blame other parties for their own problems, you should think about that next time you're about another party isn't good.
SaadTheWise says2014-01-06T19:40:21.817
So by making a blanket statement that all republicans are bad people you are telling people to think for themselves how exactly? By listening to your obviously highly educated and thought out points?

I suppose its a double edged sword that our country harbors free speech, if we are to hear the rhetoric of great minds alongside the rhetoric of fools whose lips churn before their brains do.

Perhaps some of us believe that the private sector is a more efficient and lean machine free of bureaucracy, and choose to align ourselves with that political philosophy. If I recall correctly Obamacare seems to have suffered from this very problem quite recently.
DoubleH2016 says2014-02-02T22:10:28.087
Personally, I think political parties have ruined our country ever since the formation of our country hundreds of years ago. As George Washington warned, "political parties will be the downfall of our country's political stability and perseverance." Basically, he said that if we acquired political parties pitted against each other, we would be screwed. Well, look at us now! All our politicians do is go about their entire terms just trying to get re-elected, and it costs the taxpayers millions of their hard-earned dollars. Screw political parties, it's causing all of you people to go against each other. I don't understand why we can't just focus on DOMESTIC affairs instead of foreign affairs, which, have NOTHING to do with the well-being of our country. Maybe if all those lazy people with food stamps got off their asses, if the rich CEO's would just have A WEDGE of respect and kindness to their employees, WHO WORK FOR THEM AS A CHOICE, would pay them more, our economy might not be in a RECESSION PEOPLE. Wake the f*** up and smell the lies. Both Republicans AND DEMOCRATS LIE. Its about the money, the re-election, and the self-gain. Once you step into politics, you can NEVER step out. Who cares if someone is gay? Let them be happy. Abortion should be allowed, and it should be by decision of the affected family/person/persons. Who cares if Mitt Romney is Mormon? Its a god damn religion. Religion doesn't matter in politics, but people pull it into it. I don't get why we cannot just work on our domestic programs to fix and patch this country up to become #1 again, because obviously Capitalism is failing in the long-term. People who strive for MONEY are greedy. Honestly, most Republicans would never share their wealth to help innocent, hard working, poverty-stricken people. What if these people lost their job, or maybe the dad or mom making all the money died in a car accident? So you're saying their lazy because the person in the household who was making the money died, and they lost their house, income, assets, and job? That is absurd. You people should focus on what needs to be done domestically before we focus on the little things. Our congress should take away political parties and just work on the same things. Instead of Congress using all of its time bickering and arguing about s**t with Democrats and Republicans, we need to just stop. We need to think about all of this again. We need a clean slate. I come from a democratic AND republican family, and personally, politics just disgusts me. We don't need politics, we need decisions to be debated and made. Yes, we need government, and yes we need a system of rule, but politicians are hired to steal money and sit back while the hard working people of this failing country starve and work 80 hours a week. Now THAT is bulls**t. I live in Texas, and I wanted Obama to win the election. Yeah, he could do better, but he is a good one. He is really trying to help the middle class in their struggles, and he is trying to close the gap between now RICH AND POOR. That's right, the middle class is slowly but surely diminishing. Politics is ruining our country. We should have heeded George Washington's words. That's all I have to say about our political system.
VanessaMae says2014-02-05T01:25:53.840
Obama is trying to help those in need. He isn't the most horrible president who has ever lived. Also, I have a close friend on food stamps, and he is the most hardworking person I know. He does everything he can to take care of his family. I hate the assumption that they are all lazy. And not all republicans are bad. But some are complete asshats with no respect for others. (The same goes for some of us Democrats.)
KieneM123 says2014-03-20T02:33:38.773
Obama is telling the people on welfare that they don't have to work for money. Why work for money when you can get it for free? @VanessaMae
I agree with you that your friend is hard working, and he is probably saving his money. But most people on welfare are most likely NOT working hard, and they are probably spending it on drugs, alcohol, or other addictions that they need funded. Listen to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HTqXNOSmJk
astrohuasa says2014-07-26T05:05:17.777
I am just wondering if the writer of the original post has read the Independent platform? Voting for the "independent" does not mean you are voting for somebody who is not party-affiliated, as many ignorant Americans believe. The Independent American Party is actually a stand-alone party with a platform...One which includes deference to God, opposes same-sex marriage and abortion, and in many ways greatly resembles the Republican party. So, just FYI, before you go shooting your mouth off to make everybody think you are so even-tempered and tolerant, you might just want to do a little research about what you are espousing. Just a tip to avoid looking like a complete idiot on a blog.
jordonposey says2014-07-30T19:40:08.797
Please allow me to break down your post. First off, the title says the Republicans are stupid. Are you sure that every single Republican in this country is "Stupid"? (Nice word choice there.) That's something called "Generalization". You also called Republicans insensitive jerks. I admit, there are some idiots and insensitive jerks on both parties, but no party is made of entirely made of jerks. You also resort to name-calling. You told us not to be Republicans. It's a free country. I'm not old enough to vote, and I don't care about political parties. If the candidate seems like he would do a good job, I would vote for him, regardless of what party he is on. Obama has done some good, no doubt. However, the bad he has done outweighs the good. He passed a healthcare law and said we could keep our plans. That turned out to be a blatant lie, and many people are now without healthcare. My asthma medicine was 50 dollars a month last year and went up to 700 dollars with the same insurance. How exactly is this helping? He lied about the IRS. The IRS had multiple e-mail servers and a professional archiving company. Multiple emails just disappeared without a trace. Benghazi was a coverup cloaked in another coverup. And don't say "0H y0u r t3h r3publ1can!" I am not republican nor democrat. Have a nice day.
Jackalbert88 says2014-08-09T19:27:47.163
NO ONE is going to look for a job when they are getting paid more money not to work then they would if they worked.
Bchatman says2014-09-11T20:22:58.630
I agree with you @jackalbert88. Who would want to work when they are basically getting paid to sit on their butts?!?! It disgust me when I see people who are so broke they can't afford food, but they can afford cigarettes and I-phones, and can afford to go to the mall every weekend! I am not knocking phones or going to the mall, I mean I have and do that stuff on a regular basis, it is a matter of people using money for the wrong things. It is different if you seriously can not afford food, but when you use the food stamp money on un-important things then that is when you are just BS around.
engenius1 says2014-12-10T01:26:20.023
Here is the deal. It's simple. If you want to complain about people taking assistance, then why won't you introduce a bipartisan jobs bill? Never mind. That was rhetorical. I already know why. You aren't interested in providing a solution for people needing jobs that are sent overseas for tax breaks. It is probably easier to just call these people lazy...Or takers. Right? Well, when you present a comprehensive bipartisan jobs bill, then I will take your republican nonsense seriously. Until then, I will go back to considering your party the most wasteful in terms of spending, corporate greed, and fraud in history. Not to mention 3 trillion dollars on fake wars. Do you really think I care about some lady ripping us off for a few grand in food stamps? Lmao....You people rob us blind with your offshore accounts and your tax frauds, lies etc.
estherdog says2015-01-22T00:34:54.620
I am only a teen, but i know this, i'm a republican. I care about other people. And i despise obama.
Patch990 says2015-03-22T03:39:06.097
"Republicans are stupid." Well, tell that to the failures and drop outs who side with Obama and are on his free stuff? I'm pretty sure Republicans are smarter than democrats if you guys need free stuff and we don't. So say it again you liberal.
SamTyson says2015-04-01T12:35:46.143
"The world doesn't revolve around you sweetie-pie" "Republicans are bad people" "DON'T BE AN INSENSITIVE JERK". All of these are hypocritical, saying the world doesn't revolve around republicans then getting all pissy that they disagree with you, then saying they are insensitive, then calling everyone who doesn't agree with you bad people. I agree than some of the food stamp people are born with bad luck and they can't get out of it, but a lot of them are lazy asses who take advantage of the system to get out of working an honest job like the rest of us.
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T13:05:06.227
MYCHAL MASSIE a black commentator stated: The media refuse, and the Republican Party is either too afraid or complicit (and I think it is more the latter), to call Obama what he is. Obama is a neo-Leninist communist, and it is time we not only understand that, but call him that. The proof is undeniable.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/its-time-to-admit-obama-is-a-communist/#YDxkz0mOQpY2rcyX.99
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T13:07:06.557
The U.S. State Department announced this week that the first major contingent of Syrian refugees, 9,000 of them, have been hand-selected by the United Nations for resettlement into communities across the United States. Who is going to pay for that? And now thanks to Obama we have Cubans coming in by boat, guess who is going to support them? SHOULD I CONTINUE?
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T13:08:24.640
Obama is doing what he intended to do before the first election. He's out to destroy America and he's doing a good job of doing it. Who's going pay for all these illegal immigrants living in our country? He doesn't care about money, he's set for life on money. He's trying to wipe out social security by letting all the immigrants in. God help us if Hillary Clinton gets in as president. This country will never be the same thanks to the liberals. I am taking this scripture out of context but I will share it anyway. Right wing and Left wing. Ecclesiastes 2:10 "The heart of the wise inclines to the right but the heart of the fool to the left." Something to think about. Food for thought.
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T15:53:52.400
Republicans are stupid? Look to the right. Who's in the lead.
jeff.mayher says2015-06-08T19:50:48.887
A debate is not a pissing contest, please just because someone works hard for their money, doesn't mean they are in the wrong.
pop_tart says2015-06-19T16:35:48.990
You didn't even answer the question... You just ratted out Republicans.
codyww says2015-06-26T20:46:05.730
1. You say abortion is a mormon tradition(or at least it is implied) when it is not.
2. "Dont be an insensitive jerk" republicans are bad(oh and it says republicans are stupid in the title). See the hypocrisy?
3. "Stop complaining about 46 million on food stamps." what are you proud of that?
4. The law should allow people to make their own decisions. The world does not revolve around you. So if the world doesn't revolve around you, why should the law?
5. Many are unable to get a job. They are, but the government payouts are often more than their paycheck, so why bother?

Someone else see the hypocrisy here, or is it just me?
rgarcia1325 says2015-06-29T19:17:18.310
Want to elect an independent? Bernie Sanders 2016!
elijahtdugan698 says2015-12-30T15:37:07.973
First of all, they don't have a job because they were too lazy to succeed in school. That's why they are unable to get a job. Plus, they can try to go to McDonalds to have a roof over their head, food on the table, and clothes on their backs. Two, abortion is proven to be a killing of an unborn baby. It is alive before birth, FYI. Sure the Government says,"Oh no, it's okay, it's not alive yet, it's your body anyway" but biology says, it is a human life before birth. If you don't want a baby as your own, put him/her for adoption, it's better than killing him/her. And another FYI, Democrats started the KKK, and ruined what the Republican Party really stands for, there are only few real Conservative Republicans in the party. And another thing, if you want to rat out Republicans, do it on a questions sounds something like,"Are Republicans stupid"
harrytruman says2016-04-19T06:11:28.143
Hypocrits, "people should be able to make their own choices," but you dont give the baby a choice on wether or not it wants to live- it's called murer, and it's illegal, and it should be i any frm, but for some reason liberals see infanticide as far less immoral than- owning a gun for self defense, geeze you people ARE nuts, regardless, John Kasich is going to be the next president and he;'s going to put a stop to infanticide all together!
AshleyJ says2017-12-04T04:54:18.473
Political parties should never have been created in the first place. It just divided people instead of bringing them together to vote for a candidate that best represented the nation as a whole.
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