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Does not keep his word

  Said our taxes wouldn't go up, yet he let the tax cuts expire. Says he cares about children yet encourages the most abortions. In 2008 said he supports traditional marriage, now supports same sex marriage. In 2009 complained about raising debt ceiling, now is fighting to not only increase it, but eliminate it all together. Complained about Bush's spending in 2008, by 2012 he has spent more than all presidents combined. Should I go on?
JRM says2013-02-19T03:56:45.143
He dosen't encourage abortions however, he believes that it's up to individuals to make that choice. Why does same sex marriages bother you? It's not about you. God loves all his children, not just your kind of people. Where are you getting your information from? Please read the bible.
Anonymous says2013-03-29T06:36:32.087
JRM just shut up. You're really annoying.
Anonymous says2013-05-29T19:39:56.983
He's the one that gave you the 2 year tax break. Not bush. Not Reagan. Obama.
Anonymous says2013-06-25T10:19:56.557
The tax breaks were for the rich
Anonymous says2013-07-02T11:51:53.390
This guy is crazy. Pretty sure Obama hasn't spent more than Reagan (inflation adjusted) and totally agree with everything JRM says i.E you obviously are not knowledgeable about your own religion, Obama does not "encourage" abortion and so what if he agrees with same sex marriage, so do lots of Americans.
Tazwhite says2013-07-17T20:54:31.627
More FAUX "News" lies..If you want the UNBIASED truth, go to politifact.Com..It astonishes me how many people are misinformed by the Media..
benhazelton says2014-03-04T16:13:21.800
Please go on, I would like to hear more idiotic lies from someone like you. It makes me laugh!
mistrix says2015-04-01T04:21:08.917
Uh, they ALL lie. Welcome to politicians.
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