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Things Feel Better In General

  I won't even pretend I know what makes a good president or how good a president is even allowed to be. But I like listening to him and we seem to have similar views. Overall, I like what he represents. As for those who don't like him, they seem to be unfair about judging him. True, he spends a lot of money, but at least it seems to help the economy rather than killing people on the other side of the world.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T19:47:44.033
Seems to help the economy? How does a $12 trillion jump in national debt help an economy? Jesus Christ. If you like a president because you like "listening to him", then you are doing yourself and your country a disservice.
JRM says2013-03-04T20:49:00.003
Now that you mentioned Jesus Christ, read the verse Romans 13:1-7. It might help you with understanding the president and taxes.
Anonymous says2013-03-05T01:27:05.003
well it just SEEMS that way but its not... how are they unfair? why do you like him? what has he done to help our country?
JRM says2013-03-05T04:33:21.220
He believes in fairness. Opportunity for the middle class can't happen if employers are keeping 95.5% of the profits and the workers are recieving .5% for wages. Corporation control does not give people choices. War is expensive. The economy is starving becuase the corporations are not paying employees enough money to purchase the products they are producing. Taxes go up when wages go down, welfare increases when corporations get greedy. YOU ASK, what is he (the president) doing to help our country-- He is trying to end wars. He is calling out those who have done nothing but take advantage of the working class citizens (big business leaders, stock holders, corporation heads, ect). I believe those who have money and power can do alot more damage to our country than those who are poor. I am grateful for my job, and I thank my employer for allowing me to work. Many people can't feed their families with the wages they earn while the owners have an over abudance of wealth. The workers have to take what they can get. How has your people/leaders helped the economy?
Anonymous says2013-03-06T00:48:51.717
You might want to read Matthew 7:15-16. With that said, don't believe everything you hear. Do your own research and you will find that you are just repeating what you are hearing repeated to YOU over and over and over again by Obama and team. He and his team work on the concept that if they say something enough times then 'we the people' will believe it. We don't have a brain of our own to figure out what is really going on...well, I'm sorry, but my parents taught me to use my own thought process and common sense in life. I don't have anger toward rich people. They have their own burdens to bare. Obama makes them all out to be the bad guys...guess what...he is rich, all the people up there in Congress are rich...think about that. They pay taxes, we pay taxes. We take all the deductions we possibly can to lower our taxes, so why is it a bad thing for rich people to do the same thing? I don't get it.

Also, you mention wars. It is not just about the wars. Come on, none of us like war. We all want our troops home. We all prefer to live in peace...in freedom and peace! It is about everything else Obama is doing. Our country is a wonderful place to be mainly because we have the freedom to be whatever we want to be and do whatever we want to do with our lives.

Obama and team are saying one thing and doing another. Check what is said...write it down, do your homework, and you will see that what is said is the exact opposite of what they are doing. You might want to get on some sites and do some fact checking before you repeat just what you are told.

To see what is really going:

Do yourself and your country a favor and do your own homework, don't just take everything as the truth...

We are all entitled to our own opinions...everyone has one. People should not be intimidated, threatened, cussed at, and made fun of because of a different opinion. What is going on in this country. Obama has been causing dissention since he got in office. A president is supposed to pull a country together...that isn't happening and that is something that should be abundantly obvious.
JRM says2013-03-06T04:03:40.870
Mathew7:15-16 refers to false prophets. I don't believe the president is a wolf wearing sheeps clothing. I have studied political science for years and have lived many years. I'm a Christian. I never take what I hear and make it my own. I read and study before coming up with a conclusion. There is no anger towards wealthy people, only anger towards greed and a great deal of sadness to those who believe we shouldn't help our brothers and sisters. And sad that we now have to think about making rules/laws that help people. You are right that people are entitled to their own opinion however, you chose to be on this debate site. I'm mean no disrespect to you or other readers. The sites you refer to I have read. You stated, "its everything else Obama is doing" what are you referring to? You also made the comment, "what is going on in this country, Obama has been causing dissention since he got in office." My opinion, its becuase of "change"- exactly what he said he was going to do. People always are affraid of change. He is addessing issues that no other President had the courage to do. Money, medicine for all people, violence/ gun control, choice/free will, gay/lesbian (all Gods children) and war. He is not connected with special interest groups/lobbyist. If you believe in the bible than you must believe in missionary work, its all about helping others, we need to do missionary work here at home (USA). Many hard working Americans are starving and can't afford medicine. I too am greatful for freedom. I work hard and love to help others, I don't mind sharing. These are all my own thoughts and feelings, I assure you, I'm not being brainwashed.
Anonymous says2013-03-06T22:24:05.630
I am a firm believer in helping the less fortunate, as I was raised in a very poor family I certainly remember help we received and am very grateful for it. However, I was also encouraged to work hard and make my own way in life, not to feel sorry for myself, and told that no one owed me anything.

Medicine for all people - Please tell me how people on minimum wage who couldn't afford insurance before can afford to pay a penalty if they don't have it now? Tell me how they are benefiting. As a matter of fact, tell me WHO is benefiting from this change? At what cost to us? Why did he PUSH that through regardless of what the majority of people wanted. And BTW, don't get me wrong, our healthcare system needs to be fixed...but he didn't fix it. It is still broken, it is just costing the majority of us much more.

Gun control, if you mean taking away our constitutional right to bear arms, I don't agree. Do we take cars away from people because someone driving under the influence (and there are plenty of them) kills someone? Do we ban kitchen knives because of the people who murder with a knife?

Change happens every day...I think people have become very apathetic to change. There lies one of the problems.

Not connected to special interest groups...are you kidding?

Freedom of choice, as a Christian, I don't believe in abortion. I think the bigger question is...why are so many abortions necessary? Birth control pills are covered but apparently aren't working because now we need free distribution of the morning after pill. Sounds like more of a personal responsibility issue to me.

Yes, I believe there is a need for missionary work here and all over the world, and I also give to my church, charities and food bank. However, I think people should be taught to become self-sufficient and not dependent.

Bottom line- we disagree totally and that is the purpose of this debate. Let's agree to disagree. Enjoyed the chat.
Anonymous says2013-03-07T03:01:57.453
Please wake-up and realize social issues mean NOTHING when 90% of the U.S. is fiscally suffering.
JRM says2013-03-07T12:59:44.277
Yes, you are correct, social issues are small and talk is cheap. A huge amount of people in the USA are not surviving. Families are living on the streets and there are fewer shelters for them to go to. The reality is the USA has lost touch with real concerns and real hurt.
Philip1440 says2013-03-20T22:01:05.610
What has he done to help the economy? Absolutely nothing. He is failing this country.
JRM says2013-03-20T23:38:26.387
He is putting people first
JRM says2013-03-20T23:39:22.260
Change is hard for people.
SaadTheWise says2014-01-06T19:44:18.883
Please do this country a favor and inform yourself about who you are voting for or do not vote at all. Presidency is not a joke, and treating it like a popularity contest is a disservice to yourself and to everyone who lives here.
KieneM123 says2014-03-20T02:36:49.617
Maybe the other presidents were killing people on the other side of the world because they are trying to protect us? Are you saying that we should just let the terrorists in to destroy and kill more americans?
astrohuasa says2014-07-26T05:24:10.233
Did you hear that joke about the American citizen who was suspected of terrorism who was blasted out of existence by an Obama drone without any due process of law while overseas? Oh, wait...That really happened.
Patch990 says2015-03-22T03:42:21.967
I agree, he's helping the US. Like putting us trillions in debt. Like nearly wiping out the US population w/a fatal disease. Like giving you free stuff that could be going to initiate colonies on mars. Like talking about anti racism against muslims when they're wiping out so many places. Do you want me to continue on all of his benefits?
THIANSKy says2015-05-11T13:13:27.060
Spends a lot of money?
The U.S. State Department announced this week that the first major contingent of Syrian refugees, 9,000 of them, have been hand-selected by the United Nations for resettlement into communities across the United States. Who is going to pay for that? And now thanks to Obama we have Cubans coming in by boat, guess who is going to support them? SHOULD I CONTINUE?
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