• Yes, he is.

    Obama has done much better than the last 4 Republican Presidents combined, so YES, he is doing a Decent Job.

    FAUX "News" lies and talking points aside, Obama has:

    1. Passed Health Care Reform.
    2. Passed the Stimulus which has produced nearly 7 MILLION Private-Sector Jobs.
    3: Passed the Wall Street Reform after its practices caused the 'Great Recession.'
    4: Ended the War in Iraq, last troops pulled out December 18th, 2011.
    5: Killed Osama. (In before "HE only gave the Command, he didn't PERSONALLY do ANYTHING!1")
    6: Prevented the Collapse of our Auto Industry. ($16B from Bush and $62B from Obama) Created 200,000+ jobs, and the 3 biggest of the Automakers have ALL gained Market Share for the first time in 2 decades.
    7: Repealed 'Dont Ask, Don't Tell'.
    8: Reversed Bush Torture Policies.
    9: Separated Banks from the Student Federal Loan and expanded Student Pell Grant funding.
    10: Helped Veterans (Of which I am one) by offering Tax Credits to any Business who hires any Veteran, thus increasing chances of Vets getting Jobs.
    11. Tightened Sanctions on Iran. In an effort to deter Iran’s nuclear program, signed Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (2010) to punish firms and individuals who aid Iran’s petroleum sector.
    12: Eliminated Catch-22 in Pay Equality Laws. Passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which gives Women the right to sue their Employers if they find out their being paid less because of Discrimination.
    13: Improved Food Safety System. In 2011, signed FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which boosts the Food and Drug Administration’s budget by $1.4 billion and expands its regulatory responsibilities to include increasing number of food inspections, issuing direct food recalls, and reviewing the current food safety practices of countries importing products into America.
    14: Expanded Health Coverage for Children. Using ONLY the Tax Increase on Tobacco Products, the Children's Health Insurance Authorization Act will provide Insurance for 4 Million more Children.
    15: Expanded Stem Cell Research. In 2009, eliminated the Bush-era restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, which shows promise in treating spinal injuries, among many other areas.

    I could go on and on, but the point is- The only possible way you can say Obama has done nothing, or is a shitty President, is if you're one of the following: Racist, Republican, Rich, Misogynist, Homophobic, Illogical, Selfish, Don't care about Child Health/Educational standards, the Financial Stability of the US or if you're just ignorant to all the FACTS in general. (REAL Facts, not 'Fox Facts' which are entirely different than what we in the Normal World would refer to as 'Truthful and Honest')

    Rant over, let the Ad Hominem and Straw Man Fallacy Tactics commence.

  • Republicans: you guys are stupid.

    STOP complaining about how 46 million Americans are on food stamps so therefore those people are lazy. THEY. ARE. NOT. LAZY. Many are unable to get a job. Many have been born into poverty. Don't be an insensitive jerk.

    Oh, Mitt Romney conforms with your mega-Mormon-anti-abortion beliefs? Good for you. A lot of America doesn't, so therefore the law should allow people to make their own decisions. The world doesn't revolve around you, sweetie-pie.

    Don't be a Republican. Republicans are bad people. Think for yourself for once.

    Why can't we just elect an Independent? Everything would be so much better.


    Rather your for or against him. He has brought up alot of topics that need to be addressed. The American people need to be woke up. He has produced any and all documents, facts and information when asked to do so. Nothing has been hidden. He is morally correct according to the bible.

    Posted by: JRM
  • He is brilliant.

    I admit, he's not the best president, but he was certainly better than Romney or McCain. He is a blessing to the American people, and you should be thankful that was voted into presidency two whole times. That is actually really surprising if you think of all the nut jobs in the country who idolized Romney.

  • He has helped out my family tremendously

    He's made it possible for me to carry insurance on my children attending college. He's also made it possible for people with pre-existing health issues to get insurance. He's also made it to where working women make as much as men, and we are not discriminated against because we are women. That's enough in my book!

  • Things Feel Better In General

    I won't even pretend I know what makes a good president or how good a president is even allowed to be. But I like listening to him and we seem to have similar views. Overall, I like what he represents. As for those who don't like him, they seem to be unfair about judging him. True, he spends a lot of money, but at least it seems to help the economy rather than killing people on the other side of the world.

  • Obama is doing a swell job.

    Half of this country is still upset that a black man has gained power of this country. I hope that a Hispanic man follows to be President. This country was built on slavery and lies and Obama is trying to break that cycle. White people are now the minority of their own country and live in fear now.

  • President Obama is doing very good job, he is one of the best presidents we had been have.

    President Obama has been working very hard. He is one of the best presidents of USA. I don't know why people cannot see the good things he has done for everybody. Please! People, think about how the country was four years ago or you have forgotten so soon? Republicans want a war, the only thing they do best. Don't forget all the trillions of dollars in debt that Bush's Administration put us in.

  • Obama

    I think he's done great because he is helping other countries stay safe and our own. He took out Osama Bin Laden. Student loans, Obama care, Military families, and the best thing is helping people get the rights that they deserve. Its the fake and not following Christians that are making him look bad, if you were a real christian you would vote for him. The NRA and Fox news is helping the confusion to grow.

  • Yes, he's too smart for his opponents.

    Obama knows what these law makers are going to do before they do it because he was once one of them. He is doing his best, and he has gone out of his way to make peace with the enemies. The days to fight will come if comes to it. But right now, we need to regroup as a country and direct all those war funds to our country. I am a soldier, and when I did the math on how many of my comrades died in Afghanistan and Iraq alone, I came up with almost 4 billion dollars. That is not including the waste of food, parts and materials, and money paid to contracting companies. In a nutshell, only a smart person will know when to avoid problems. He is focused on home security, education, and jobs; when you look at these, it's all about the people. Give me one great thing Bush did in his eight years, and I will show you ten things that makes Obama better than Bush. And if you never complained about Bush, then I think you should forever hold your peace.

  • He is bringing us down, to put other countries first.

    The reason he was trying to take our guns away is so that we would be weak. The only reason people don't attack the US directly is because almost every citizen is armed. So what would they do if our guns were gone? They would attack us. Obama was either being stupid or he was thinking that it might happen.

  • In General

    I believe that Barack Obama is absolutely the worst President that this great nation has ever seen in 250+ years. He was born to a certifiably Communist father, his grandparents lived in Hawaii, and I'm not even convinced that they were working citizens. In College, Obama got so many student loans that he's still paying them off now, he admitted it himself in front of the entire nation! And what did he do in College? He started a gang devoted to smoking drugs. And Obama was the worst of the lot! He was taught by a Communist teacher! He then became Senator, but refused to vote on quite a lot of things. While he was running for President in 2008, he accused Bush of being "irresponsible and unpatriotic" for raising the Debt Ceiling once. In his term, he raised it three times, and is due to do it a fourth time! Or am I mistaken on those numbers? The point is that he had raised the Debt Ceiling way more than Bush had. He assassinated Osama bin Laden, and while I feel that the murderous m@#$^&f@#$%& deserved it, what's to stop Obama from doing it to the Republican controlled House? He even goes so far as to accuse anyone who opposes him of racism, just because he's black, while in fact, he is himself the racist. Under his administration, the white people have become a minority. Why is that? Because he wants to give voting rights to illegal aliens. He is so far entrenched into the Socialist views that he believes in giving people incentives not to work, because they will get a steady income anyway. He wants to tax the rich, even though the rich men and women are the ones who create jobs. He may go on about how the government created jobs, but how many of them are actually filled? Besides, it's not the government's job to create jobs in the first place! He is convincing lowlife Americans who don't want to work that they are special and important by trying to give us bull@#$% about the successful people "not building that". He has made Americans hate successful people, which is why Romney lost- because he's the white, successful, rich man who everyone hates because of Obama! Obama hates America! He goes to many other countries, while it isn't even his job to do that, and apologizes for America! "Say what now?" That's right, he's apologizing to the world for his own country. He doesn't think that America deserves to be a superpower! He doesn't think America deserves to be a nation at all! And the only ones who realize that are christian Republicans and Conservatives, who Obama has convinced the nation deserves to go to hell and even denies the United States' Constitution of freedom of religion and speech. People hate Christians irrationally, Republicans and Conservatives are treated as if they were evil racists for voicing their opinions. Where is the freedom in that?! Obama has and continues to make history as the very worst President the United States has ever had! And it's not because he's the first ever black President, it's because he doesn't deserve to be President. He's a registered citizen of Indonesia, for the love of cheese! That in and of itself means that he is disqualified from the job!

  • Obama Is NOT A Good President

    He spent over 1.4 billion dollars on vacations. Also he spent more in one term than Geoge W. Bush in 2 terms. he has made lots of tax increases over the last 4 years. He in four years has budget deficits in excess of 1 trillion dollars. In the State Of The Union he said "Don't need a bigger government, but a smarter government" I agree except he is NOT being smart with our money. So all in all you can say Barack Obama is not a very good president. P.S I am a 5th grader, and yeah I pay a lot of attention to politics!!!

  • Why is he the president?

    I'm in debt worse than I was 6 years ago. Still a lot of discrimination such that a 40 year old can't find a decent job. He is making the economy worse, so many Americans out of work. He's bring illegals in taking our jobs, closing factories and plants. Where are all the top generals from the Military? Obama is not a citizen born in this country. America is not strong because of him. One nation under God!

  • 7.9% unemployment, race wars, debt,

    Read the arguments on the right side of the page....uninformed voters...

    Increasing taxes in a down economy is not bright. Suggesting it spurns economy growth shows you don't understand the economy to any degree.

    Barack Obama took office with 7.8% unemployment in Jan 2009...its still at 7.9% in Jan 2013. I am not a Bush lover by any means, but 4.8% and 5.4% look good right about now don't they, Barack? Facts are scary.

    -.1 GDP growth in 4th quarter 2012...heaviest defense spending quarter of the year and him & his party tried to spin this as a good thing. What a joke.

    He was against gay hes for another 5 million votes in November as a result.

    Plays the race card day in and day out. His son...the beer summit. He's another brotha, ya kno?

    Wipes his butt with the US constitution: Validated killing Americans with drones without trial by peers or due process is one of multiple examples.

    This man appeals to low information voters who are generally the non-tax paying, benefiting from the hand out types.

    I never thought I would see the day that the non tax paying people on the government dole would out-vote the people paying for the benefits they receive. Good job Barack, your campaign and administration have fundamentally transformed American into a welfare state in a perpetual race war.

  • Is Obama doing a good job as President?

    I'm not sure what country Obama claims to be president of; but, it sure is not America. I cannot believe the American people are this blind, or are they just brain dead? It is very clear, this President is doing all he can to destroy our great nation and set his own in place as he sees fit. He wants the world to revolve around him. He is an ego maniac and needs a complete mental evaluation. How on earth has this got so far under this man and the people cannot see him for what he is? You should have principles and ethics with morals to be a proper leader and he has none of these qualities. I do not understand why more has not been done to verify all the (8) social securities numbers he has used and is presently using one issued from Mass. in which he has never lived. This man is a complete magic show and his entire life is a lie. Be careful for who you support for it will come back to bite you in the butt. I really wish everyone would do their homework on this man and you will be amazed at all the garbage on him. What a SHAM....

  • Debt, Unemployment, and deficits

    The debt has increased by 6 trillion over his 4 years that's a 60% increase on the debt. The deficit bounced from about -459 billion to about -1.4 trillion in his first year and now stands at a about a -1.3 trillion deficit. Unemployment has staid at 7.8 or higher throughout his term and over 8 for the majority.

  • No, and he is not trying to be.

    This is not a man who is failing at his goals. His history of having socialists and communists as role models and mentors shows his goals and motives, indirectly. I, however, will not label him as a "socialist, communist, Muslim" or anything else people have tried to call him. He is his own ideology; which encompasses many different beliefs/views. You cannot really focus on just one and label him as that specified ideology/belief system. Based on his stimulus package, and his weakening of our military through budget cuts and weaker tactics (hence, when he wanted to end water-boarding and Guantanamo Bay, he is someone who does not want America to be number one. He wants us deeper in debt, taking us from a little over 10 trillion in debt when Bush left to 16.7 trillion currently; adding more to the debt than Bush did, and in half the time!!!!!!!!! I do not see him as a good president, nor do I see him as one who is trying to be a good president. He has an agenda, and it is to weaken this country and boost up 3rd world countries.

  • Does not keep his word

    Said our taxes wouldn't go up, yet he let the tax cuts expire. Says he cares about children yet encourages the most abortions. In 2008 said he supports traditional marriage, now supports same sex marriage. In 2009 complained about raising debt ceiling, now is fighting to not only increase it, but eliminate it all together. Complained about Bush's spending in 2008, by 2012 he has spent more than all presidents combined. Should I go on?

  • No point in explaining to liberals

    They're so blind, and I really wish I could end it at that. But this requires me to use at least 50 words. There is no point in arguing with any of these people. Gun control, drone attacks on anyone who mentions the word terror, sending 250 million plus dollars to a man who is just going to use it on our allies, him going from country to country on his little apology tour, saying he has a plan and we're going to fix everything with "Obamachange". He has spent more money than all of the previous presidents combined. Too much to argue.

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helmut says2013-04-14T18:03:41.347
The worst President ever.
Anonymous says2013-04-28T04:38:48.487
Obama is going to destroy our country he is the worst president do u know he is putting computer chips in every American citizen every single new born child in 2013
Anonymous says2013-05-14T04:42:56.207
All you parasites saying he is doing great and iherited this, and passeed health care for all apparentnley ae not currentley employed!! Because if you were you would have seen at least $60 per paycheck to cover your ass. Somebody needs to crack you upside the head and wake you up to the fact that he has done NOTHING to improve your lifestyle...You are still getting the same SNAP card and help from the government you were under the "evil Bush administration" but your to ignorate to realize that Obama has locked you into that reliance!! Your either stupid or lazy...Same as the current administration! It's amazing what you can accomplish once you getoff of the government tit!! Put your big boy pants on and quit blaming the world for your finacial problems!!! Get a job and show up everday and be a reliable productuctive asset to your employer!
Anonymous says2013-06-18T15:14:55.380
The ABSOLUTE worst President ever. He is Selfish and consumed only with being in the limelight and a new teleprompter which he needs desperately. Bring Gibbs back-- He is the ultimate and only true form of True Entertainment in this Administration.
Anonymous says2013-07-10T18:00:15.513
Let's See... He's Lied, He Has No Credibility. Has No Clue What The American People Want Or About. No Forigan Policy. Has Lied On So Many Times. Spent More Money Than All The Previous Presidents Combined. He Has Driven This Country In The Ground. The Only Thing That's A Bigger Joke Than Him Is Obamacare. Not To Mention The Irs,Bengozi,Fast And Furious And Eric Holder . Other Than That I Love The Guy.
TheViking says2014-01-20T14:53:01.243
LOL.Must be a real crazy president who talks about democracy and in the same time delet the unemployment benefits for all Americans.Crazy president is another word ... Making war in the whole world for money who could have built the country is really BAD.

Best regards from Sweden.
hoffg210 says2016-01-27T16:15:28.773
What we as a country need to understand is that even though he might be trying to take away our weapons and he might want to tax the rich, he is still trying to get what is best for us. He does want us to be successful and he does not talk trash about us in other countries. He was born in the U.S. (Hawaii) for all of you that say he was not born here. He is a great president no matter what rude things you republicans say about him. I'm very young but I do know a good president when I see one. Barack Obama is awesome so matter what you balloon heads say.

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