• He is amazing; Point Blank Period.

    He was given all this burden by our previous president Bush. He's doing the best with what he was given. Don't be a hater. Don't act like every president is anywhere near perfect. This man is being overly criticized because he is African American. Lets just face that fact now.

  • Barack Obama Hasn't Done Enough

    While Barack Obama has made some great moves during his presidency, he has made just as many missteps, too. Therefore, Obama hasn't done enough during his presidency that has helped the American people specifically. There are hundreds of things he could have done rather than wasting time on worthless projects and partisan bickering.

  • No no no!!!

    His major 'accomplishment', Obamacare, has had a terrible launch. All he did with bin Laden was say "Go ahead." The unemployment rate under him is higher than it was under Bush, and the budget deficit has skyrocketed. He owes more money than there is in the world. My conclusion is: Worst president in the history of the USA (And no, I'm not exaggerating, and no, I'm not racist.)

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