Is Barack Obama handling his presidential responsibilities well?

  • Yes, President Obama has and continues to elequently lead our country.

    Despite the difficult torch that was passed to President Obama when he took office his first term, he steadily rises to the challenges of leading our nation. He has gained the respect of leaders around the world for his diplomacy. In the face of adversity, he continues to fight for the average American in issues related to employment, housing and health care.

  • A president is only as good as the other branches of government.

    The United States government is constructed of three branches. This design is intended to insure a checks and balances system that gives no one arm of the government too much power. The downside of this construct, however, is that when the branches fail to work together, progress in government is statemated. Unfortunately, this is what has happened with President Obama's presidency. Although he is trying very hard to make the change that he promised during his campaign, a group of Congressmen has been fighting against that change, which has effectively brought government processes in America to a standstill--both literally and figuratively.

  • No, President Obama has squandered goodwill with foreign and domestic policy errors

    Even though President Obama is not doing as bad as some say, he has still failed internationally and economically. He continued Bush's War on Terror, furthering America's futile involvement in the Middle East. At the same time, his continuation of the Bush bailouts have left the US economy stagnate, instead of building green technologies that would have pushed the country into the modern age.

  • Obama means well, but has had too many flops in his attempts to make change.

    The failed deployment of the website is a perfect example of how Obama has had many flops in his attempts to change America. He has big dreams, such as healthcare and immigration reform, but when he attempts to implement change, it does not go well. The government shutdown is another example. He has also not been able to get Congress to agree on various issues; the House and Senate have been deadlocked on various bills and few changes ever get passed.

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