• Go ahead and send the hate Obama-lovers

    A big scandal happened during a president's term and he specifically lied to us about a terrorist attack. A scandal happened during Nixon's reign and Clinton lied to us. Both of those president's were put on trial for impeachment. Now why shouldn't Obama be at least put on trail?

    The reasons why he shouldn't are plain ol' stupid. Oh, he's the first black president. He is actually half black and half white. Obamacare came from him. Obamacare is going to cost more than expected plus the creator isn't even on it. Not to mention the document is extremely complicated. Who would actually read the document to see what's in it? Let's vote yes because Obama is such a great man. Would a great man lie? He covered up a terrorist attack saying it was over some racist video. The USA has too many racist videos. Why are the Muslims overeacting now? Also, why are we still in war? Did he not say he would bring our troops back? Apparently he forgot them.

    Have any evidence I'm wrong? Look up what I wrote. Prove to me with actual creditable resources I'm wrong. Resources that are moderate, not liberal nor conservative. For those who don't know, democrats usually have liberal beliefs while republicans have conservative beliefs.Thank you for wasting my time if your viewpoint is actually he is a good president. Especially if you have no idea what he is doing. Go and learn. Come back when you have a better education. Thank you for reading.

  • Does obama need to be impeached/

    Let's see,did Obama lie us into a war that killed 5,000 of our loved ones,in order to satisfy a personal vendetta? Did he institute wholesale deregulation that lost millions their homes,savings and livings? Did Obama sign orders to gut the EPA,the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts,and allow 9industry to dump more poison into our aquifers? Did Obama interfere in the life of a private citizen? (teri Shaivo) Did Obama's Vice Prsident enrich himself on the dead bodies of 5,000 Americans and a quarter million Iraqi innocents? Has Obama had a Congress that is interested in the good of the country,rather than ideology and politics? The answer to all of those is,NO. So why do they want him impeached/ One word BLACK!!!!

  • After a long time he is the only president who brought good changes to U.S same as Clinton. He should be rewarded not impeached.

    Before he took office , president Bush destroyed the U.S economy and foreign policy. If anyone needed to be impeached that was George W. Bush not Obama. He can only do so much, the rest of the nation and politicians need to their part. I think many people make this hate issue of race and color. They make it personal. Racism still exist and far from vanishing.

  • No, he's doing his best.

    Obama has accomplished a great deal, for which he is not given credit. The failures that are being pinned on him are really not anything for which you can fault a single person. All of Washington needs to be held to task until solutions are reached; the President himself is not the only person responsible for things that go wrong in America.

  • No He Is Not

    Barack Obama is not in need of impeachment. As a matter of fact, he is far from it. Obama does his job well and has not violated any term or done anything wrong. I know some do not agree with everything he does or all of his opinions, but he hasn't done anything to justify being impeached.

  • Whoever asked this probably doesn't even know what impeachment means.

    The president has done nothing to warrant impeachment. The tea party freaks just love to say things without evidence. He's a Muslim, he's born in Kenya, he's a Communist, he's like Hitler, he's the worst president ever...seriously. Get a grip. The use of hyperbole doesn't help your cause. Impeach doesn't mean get out of office. Clinton was impeached and and nothing happened to him.

  • No, I doubt that he needs that.

    This is a funny question in the way it is phrased because I doubt that Obama himself "needs" impeachment. Obama has been working within whatever parameters he has at his disposal as President to try to accomplish whatever he can against a Congress that uses their own powers as tactics against him. I, personally, am enjoying watching the interplay between the different branches of government with their own unique powers battle it out. It's a good education in how the branches of government were designed by our forefathers to have natural checks and balances against any one branch controlling another.

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