• I think he is

    I think he is stupid because he does and says stupid things. To quote the great Mr. Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does." If anyone ever wants to know my opinion on the stupidity of Barack Obama, they can reference this opinion post and be enlightened. Good day to all.

  • To the people against Bush

    President Obama has not done anything to fix unemployment or the economy during his entire political career. He has been named The biggest government spender in the US by spending more money on useless things than any other president. This man punishes the successful and is now hurting our medical facilities with his "Obamacare". My mom and step dad both work in a hospital and they are already making cuts in staff. Good luck trying to survive from a gunshot in a 4 hour wait line.

    FACT -With 31 trips for a total of 119 days abroad, President Obama has now traveled more than any other president, although Bush 43 and Clinton also set records before him.
    Now keep in mind that Air Force One Costs over $228,000 per hour to fly.
    Obama even sometimes travels with a 900-person, 45-car, 2 Air-Force Ones, 3-cargo plane entourage.
    The 13-hour visit in South Africa for Mandela’s funeral cost an estimated $11 million (including 127 hotel rooms and not including the flight).
    Food Stamp Recipients have gone up 49% since Obama became president.
    Obama has also played more rounds of gold than any other president.
    Obama has also spent over 10 billion dollars on vacations over his presidential term.

  • Plato's cave allegory.

    72% of the population have no college education only 6% have a graduate degree or PhD. I would argue that the majority of the 94% without high levels of education and even some of that 6% wouldn't know smart if it hit them in the face and call a lot of smart things stupid. Doomswatter something tells me from your post that you are a very poorly educated person watching Fox News and you try to stop people from doing anything productive for society. Keep watching Fox News and keep your mouth shut you ignorant hick.

  • No he's not stupid

    Obama compared to other presidential options like McCain or Mitt Romney is a genius. Bush drove the economy into ground by deregulating the economy allowing banks to gamble on wall street and force people into foreclosure then using your tax money to bail out these giant super corporations like Bank of America that just stole your money and now don't even pay taxes. Obama's policies are improving the economy, he can't be that stupid or stupid compared to bush. You cannot scream at Obama calling him stupid because Bush crashed our economy into the ground and left us with a recession that hasn't been this bad since WW2 era and say "obama is doing anything", there's a lot you have to do just to get it to stabilize then you have to do more to increase it, ALL while jumping over GOP obstacles like their filibusters and blocked nearly all of his bills with their no-compromise attitudes then slandering Obama saying "nothing's getting done".

  • I do not think he is

    I don't agree with Obama on a lot of things but he certainly isn't stupid. You can't be an idiot and be elected President of the United States and no one say George Bush. He may have been fodder for comedians but he was by no means stupid. Same with Obama, I consider him incompetent and a weak leader, but not stupid

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doomswatter says2014-05-30T17:12:46.627
Haha, front page. =P