• Can you name what he did wrong

    I believe that he did okay for a president. He definitely did better that quite a few other presidents. There are those who like to complain and say he is a terrible president but try to compare him to the last one.
    Please put complaints below this obviously true statement.

  • First president to try to make a difference in health care

    President Obama was the first president to promise and try to make health care more affordable to low incomes with Obama Care. He kept his promise. Did other presidents? No. They promised it before they got elected, but did they even try? Once again no. Obama did so he is the best president.

  • A Symbolic Yes

    He's not the best president ever.... I'm not even sure I would lend that title to any president. But I'm here to provide an overdue counterpoint to the incessant and unbalanced conservative babble that lines this wretched section of DDO. Someone has to stand up and say "the opinionative scope of this website is not quite as narrow as these fools would lead you to believe."

  • Yes since Clinton

    Best Ever since Clinton. Sound social beliefs, governs for all. He was able to deliver health care where Clinton tried but couldn't. If he can get ahead on Gun reform he will be the best ever. And so far no real scandals. Except what is his true nationality? Where did they get that one from? Freaks? Go Obama

  • Saying yes only to annoy everyone else

    For the record, who is responsible for the atrocity of the photoshop job done on the pic meant to somehow have Obama look like he's a head on Mount Rushmore? Like seriously, the squirrel that I hit on my bike the other day could do a better photo shop job then that, and im pretty sure hes retarded since he saw me coming, ran into the sidewalk, and didnt move out of the way before I hit him.

  • What a true Leader

    President Obama was a true state of person who not only cared about America but people who are struggling in cash. He has what our many people do not and that is kindness. Hate someone for their kindness and leadership which is the definition of president. As he was the only presidency I saw with my own eyes and Donald Trump an experienced, racist, and disrespectful to women. That was not the America dream, nor was in what World War 1, World War 2, or even the Revolutionary War was about. Because, if these people are making decisions for my Country and dissing a wonderful person and praising this man for his non-leadership quantities- than, this isn't America.

  • Amazing, the Best

    Beat the recession left by Bush. Established a better healthcare system. Presided over the longest economic prosperity in history. Kept us out of more conflict. Passed Iran deal. Always very Presidential. Historians overwhelmingly rated Obama the 12th best President ever. Fox news acknowledged the many great accomplishments of Obama period.

  • Amazing, the Best

    Beat the recession left by Bush. Established a better healthcare system. Presided over the longest economic prosperity in history. Kept us out of more conflict. Passed Iran deal. Always very Presidential. Historians overwhelmingly rated Obama the 12th best President ever. Fox news acknowledged the many great accomplishments of Obama period.

  • He is the best president ever

    Economic achievement: did a lot even with the most hostel congress ever.
    Class: has respect for people.
    Oral arguments: great speaker
    Dignity: handled himself well
    Charm: women know what I mean.
    Patience: How can you handle the most racist people on earth without showing anger?
    He revealed the true heart of America!

  • The best, brightest and most charismatic president ever!

    If he would have had majority in congress and in the senate, he would have been even better! His Obama care idea would have been more succesful if not for among others the pharmaceutical lobby, working against him. Medicine and health care are too expensive because doctors and pharmaceutical companies are only thinking of making more money. Than there is guns, how many children should kill themselves or others by accident? Or shoot other kids at school?

  • Obama: The WORST president of all time.

    Obama is the WORST president. He completely ruined the already declining economy. Obamacare. Give money to the poor people that can't get a job because they were lazy in school and because of that didn't do well in school. Where do we get this money? How about the middle-class, the hardworking people that are working to support a family, and struggling to do so in this economy? Gun control. Does making something illegal automatically make people not own guns? I don't think so, just look at drugs. Wars. So Obama is a good president because he took troops out of Iraq? We're still at war in Iraq, and we still have troops in there as well. Withdrawing them only makes America look like cowards.

  • He is a Reptilian

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Reptilian Humanoid aka Reptoid. These Reptoids are what the Quran calls Jinn, they are a prehuman race that God created who can possess people. Barack Hussein Obama is possessed by such a being. I also believe that the jinn crossbred with humans long ago creating a hybrid race, that they could incarnate into, these hybrids became the pharaohs, the kings, and monarchs, and then over the years they turned into presidents and prime ministers. Lizard People rule the world, and the Quran is the Word of God, repent and believe in Allah (swt) today. Alhumdolillah

  • Obama is not a good president

    Obama is not a good president because he has made America a terrible country. His policies are not even good. He is no where as good as Lincoln JFK FDR just to name a few. He is one of the reasons the country is now in government shutdown because of his ignorance.

  • Impeach Obama now!

    HE IS THE WORST! He is a lying good for nothing idiot. He lied about what happened in Benghazi. He cares more about people in other countries then he does the people in the country he should be taking care of. At this point he is just a waste of air and space.

  • How Could You Even Think That?

    So you're telling me that there are actually people out there that are going to agree that Barack Hussein Obama is a better president than any other? Allow me to name off a couple others that certainly outweigh him on the good presidency scale. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan, Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, Truman, or even Eisenhower.

  • Obama isn't the best

    Well, he didn't stop slavery like Abe, he didn't free our nation from the British like Washington, he didn't save forests like Teddy. And really with the government shut down, that isn't helping with his image. I'm not saying he's a bad president, I'm just saying he's not the best.

  • The best are you kidding me?

    President Obama is not the best president ever, there are many other presidents which are better then him. He has violated the Constitution so many times, he has broke international laws so criminal. He has used Executive orders to allow his Attorney General not to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. He is in bed with corporations.

  • Are you serious?

    Obama is no where near the best president. If I were to choose the best president, I would have to the say the first president, Mr. Washington. He had no political party. He even advised against them before he ended his last term because he was afraid our nation would be divided like it is now. He was a great man and he did many great things for our country. If only we've listened to him.

  • Obama not only is not the best President ever he is one of the worst!!!

    Obama added more than double the debt to America than George Bush did. What he promised to do (which was to create a large amount of jobs) never happened. About 41% of Americans are still out of a job, enormously more than when George Bush left office.

    The ONLY thing that Obama did was add more debt, hoping with intense stupidity that it would somehow boost the economy. The crap he did such as repairing perfectly drivable roads were not only a waste of money, it was a waste of human effort.

  • Not just no. Hell no.

    Even the people within his administration talk about how difficult he is - he doesn't listen to anyone else's opinion. Why have advisers if you already know everything, which is pretty amazing considering he didn't have any foreign relations experience before he took office. The man has a huge chip on his shoulders.

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