Is Barack Obama the worst thing that has happened to this country?

Asked by: biraq
  • Probably the worst since Nixon took office.

    Obama has ruined our country with his spending without a budget and sunk us into a seventeen trillion dollar debt and is bound to get worse if he is left in the white house. With the government shut down America will be sold to Mexico or rented to China. How will the United States get out of this debt with out being sold to Mexico or renting us to China?

  • Hes black .

    Hes gay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enough said. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oh yeah and black . . . . . . . . .

  • While articulate, he is arrogant, insensitive, and uninformed

    I will address articuate. He is that, even while lying. He is a liar in my mind. I do not trust one word that comes from his mouth. He is a liar.

    Item two, arrogant: He appears to be a racist in term of how he reacts to people of diversity. As a recent example, the Orlando tragedy. He just blew it off as if it were nothing in his public appearances. He seemed more focused on turning it into a political tryst.

    Insensitive: Yeah, he is that, too. When he wants to cry about his own legislation, he is given to tears (recently). Yet, when 50 human beings lost their lives in Orlando, he reacted unemotionally.

    Uninformed: Yeah, he is all that, too. Except he doesn't understand that this country has some (SOME) Christian principles that were part of its very founding. He seems to want to dissolve any Christian participation. I personally think the man is the worst President ever.

  • We needed a change before Obama and we got it !

    The problems did not start on Obamas watch. He was a true diplomat and did not ridicule, offend, demoralise, lie, accuse, judge, fantasise , and narcicise. A man of integrity beyond reproach. A racist remark allowed is a step in a direction that denies the inhumanity of mankind to mankind. Consider this, that the short view of trade , business, and relations if they do not maintain a moral perspective the long term view as a product of this initial action will confirm the lack of vision and ultimately confirm the lack of moral will of our nation.

  • Look back on US history...

    Worse things than Barack Obama
    -The treatment of Native Americans throughout US history from massacres to forcing them to relocate
    -Not giving women the right to vote until the 20th century
    -Labor during the industrial revolution
    -Japanese internment camps
    -The overall screwing up of Latin America
    -The occupation of the Philippines
    -Operation Wetback (seriously)
    -An array of war crimes
    -the KKK
    -Gay conversion therapy
    -The torture of innocent people in Guantánomo Bay

  • You haven't taken into account who started this snowball of debt that has grown thought the years

    For the record I don't think that Obama is the best, but I also don't think he is the worst. But remember who started this debt, with the two wars, and the stimulus package, oh right, It's Bush. Bush spent money gingerly without taking into account just what would happen if he spent the money. His government spending was what put Obama into his situation, basically screwing him and the rest of the country. If you think bush is any better than Obama, than you obviously don't know what happened during his presidency, and who actually was running the country. (Chaney)

  • I say he's trying

    Because the American economy was already was going down even before Barrack Obama came in office. The unemployment rate was extremely high and jobs had already left out of the country and over seas, especially the manufacturing and telecommunication. Products US consumers buy are made over seas and made cheaply, and don't last so so long, some products. High priced designer brands American love so much are made over seas. Not to mention we had to borrow money from China, which I don't know if we still own them from over the years, plus interest. Considering most of the products Us products being made over in China, be somewhat even. The schools in the US had been going down hill way before Barrack became president and the cost of medical had been high even before Obama care existence. I say the Obama care is good for the economy, because affordable cost of health care can allow cancer screening more easier to get and screenings for any other family inherited disease. The price of two wars had driven this economy to an all time high way before Barrack became president. There is no type of magic wand or potion that can just fix the economy less than a year, because there's someone new in office. It takes time for change sometime over the amount of 2 four consecutive years. I don't know if the economy will change drastically within the next coming year or so, because no one knows what will happen in the near future. I am not blaming George Bush for the shape of the economy, but I blame miss management and too much wasted spending. Not enough funding in education and not enough training in today's jobs where we as a country can compete against countries that are more advanced in technology.

  • No, who posted this?

    Well for one, we had Andrew Jackson who violated the supreme court's rulings, we had Bush who got us into two unnecessary wars that didn't accomplish anything, we have Woodrow Wilson who effectively caused WW2 by failing to pass his 14 point plan. Oh, and we have that guy who died within a month of being elected because he failed to wear a coat in the cold. William Henry Harrison. That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there's others. So Obama isn't the greatest, but at least he stopped the banks from going under and sending us into a financial panic like the ones during the great depression.

  • Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

    Obama ISN'T perfect, but he is NOT the worst thing that has happened to this country!!! Even if we narrow the field to Presidents ... He ISN'T the worst! I would place him above average, by comparison to the other 43. When you consider that he entered office with 2 lengthy wars in progress, a collapse of Wall Street, a recession well in progress, unemployment climbing, etc. ... He's done pretty darn well. We have had several Presidents enter the office under better circumstances and NOT perform at Obama's level. Anyone who thinks this man is the "worst" thing that happened to America falls into one of two categories:
    (a) No Knowledge of U.S. History/Presidents
    (b) A Racist
    Or maybe, they are a little of both?

  • Remember the civil war?

    This is an ignorant statement. Barack Obama is nowhere near the worst thing that has happened to this country. Do you remember the civil war, when we almost split the country in half? That was a much worse situation than this. Never mind worst thing to happen to this country, he is not even the worst president we have ever had. There was James Buchanan, who did nothing about the growing confederacy before Lincoln took over, or Richard Nixon who experienced the most tragic political turmoil in America in the 20th century.

  • He's not the best, but...

    While I don't think Obama is a very good president, I don't think he is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. We've had a president who did nothing to stop an American civil war that killed hundreds of thousands. We've had a president who has put us into wars and shot the debt through the roof. I don't like him, but I wouldn't even say Obama is the worst president we've had.

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