Is Barack Obama's foreign policy better than Mitt Romney's?

  • Barack Obama has good foreign policy

    Mitt Romney takes a hard line approach to foreign policy. He believes in American aggression to the point that it is a detriment. Obama is a diplomatic man who sees a chance to make positive relationships with countries like India, china, Russia, and Brazil. He wants to create trade and take troops out of volatile areas, such as Afghanistan.

  • Four Years In White House Prove Record

    Barack Obama has better foreign policy than Mitt Romney simply because he's been in a working government office for several years. Obama didn't go to war during his term, aside from helping the Libyan people overthrow Moammar Gadhafi. Obama mended ties with Russia and is trying to control tempers in the Middle East.

  • Obama's foreign policy is better than Romney's

    Obama's foreign policy is better for this country, period. Obama's focus is on diplomacy and non-intervention unless the situation is dire and of utmost importance to the interest of the United States. Obama's policy is more defensive, which is far less costly than Romney's plan to increase military spending. Our country should not be spending money to intervene in foreign affairs when the United States is in a state of economic decline.

  • Mitt Romney has no foreign policy.

    Barack Obamas foreign policy is way better than Mittens foreign policy if only for the fact that Mitt never got to office and never got to actually HAVE a foreign policy. But I think if Romney had ever gotten the Presidency, then his foreign policy would have been terrible and aggressive.

  • Barack Obama's foreign policy is better than Mitt Romney's.

    Obama has shown a better knowledge of how to deal with foreign policy than Romney would have. Romney had less foreign experience, and threatened that he would start a conflict with China. Obama, on the other hand, has stayed out of new conflicts in the Middle East, and has ended the Iraq War.

  • Yes it is.

    Barack Obama's foreign policy is better than Mitt Romney's. If you look objectively at both of them, you will see that Barack Obama's policy is better on most, if not all of the key policies effecting foreign policy. You will never know for sure though because only one can be used.

  • World needs a leader who sticks by his words like RED LINE ,,

    Obama is a real paper tiger who has no interest in restoring American readership globally ! Mit romney could make a better president ! Look at Iraq , Libya , once you cant set a red line , thats why criamea ia stolen by putin , worlds leader now thanks

  • No, peace through strength.

    No, Barack Obama's foreign policy is not better than Mitt Romney's, because Obama has deteriorated our relationship with countries all over the world. Obama panders to other countries that will hate us no matter what we do. Mitt Romney was much better to follow Ronald Reagan's policies of peace through strength.

  • Mitt Romney had Olympics experience

    I actually think Barack Obama's foreign policy is adequate to good. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney would have had better foreign policy. Barack Obama can be a bit "shy-er" than other presidents, he seems to not carry the historical "Big Stick" policy. One can only imagine that Mitt Romney would have done better.

  • No, they're both terrible.

    Barack Obama's foreign policy isn't better than Mitt Romney's, but it's not really worse, either. Both of them advocate meddling in international affairs entirely too much, like continuing the war in Afghanistan and threatening Iran if they keep trying to build a nuclear bomb. There is no candidate who will keep the US from trying to be the world's policeman.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-11T23:09:17.533
I say yes
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-11T23:09:33.427
Romney knew nothing about politics.
alcarter says2013-10-02T23:44:25.660
He knew way more than Obama.
StarTrek says2013-10-02T23:45:04.250
I disagree greatly, Romney clearly had more experience.
alcarter says2013-10-02T23:45:15.190
Obama is horrible.
crusso says2013-10-19T19:42:28.563
No more foreign aid. They use it for weapons of mass destruction. The people never see it. We can use money here in the USA.!