• Barcelona best team

    Barcelona is the best team, they have the best players in the World and they play the best football. They did one of the best comeback in the world. So as a barcelona fan i think That barcelona is definetly the world best team ever That hasard existed in football

  • Duh, of course

    Barcelona has won many championships and is currently 1st in la liga. Many people follow Barcelona because they play really well. Besides, Barcelona has the best player in the world, messi, according to many people and officials. You want to follow a good team, Barcelona is the perfect and the best team to follow.

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  • Yes, Barcelona are unstoppable

    At the very least, they are the best club at the moment. Barcelona have formed one of the best goal-scoring trios of all time that won 5/6 of their competitions in their first season together, and continue to dominate la liga with a very solid midfield and defense as well. Barcelona have finally overcome adversity to step out of madrid's shadow and become the most dominant team in the world.

  • Barcelona rule yeah

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  • Barcelona is the best professional sports team of all time

    Barcelona or "Barca" as it is fondly known by its avid fans is arguably the most renonwned team of all time in any sport. Barca has, for its entire 116 year history (it was founded in 1899) always been in a top division. No other team in any professional sport, be it soccer, baseball, hockey or American football can make this claim. Barca is truly the best of the best.

  • Yes, Barcelona is the world's best team.

    What wins soccer games? Goals - and they have more of them than anybody else right now. Add to that they have the highest passing accuracy. They also seem to have many intangibles, like really good team spirit and a great new, young coach, and a serious determination to win that can't be measured.

  • Barcelona is not the world's best team.

    Seems they are focused on all the time.More than the other teams. All teams need the same attention and you would find out there are teams just as great as Barcelona.It is a media thing wanting you to believe Barcelona is the greatest,when there are other teams just as great.

  • No, Barcelona is a very good soccer team but not the best in the world.

    Barcelona continues to have a great season and are in great shape in the Champions League as they have moved to the semi-finals but it is a stretch to say they are the best team in the world. They have been somewhat inconsistent this season when all of the talent they have on the team is considered. There are too many other great teams even in other leagues to declare one being above the others.

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