• Barrel racing is a sport.

    I have heard it all, It´s cruel to horses, You make them work to hard, You abuse them to make them run so much, And so much more. People only say that because they have no idea, And come on! There is a whole 2 months dedicated to rodeos. One example quarter horse congress goes on all through out October, Then the NFR goes through out most of December and it´s a bigger deal then the NFL to be honest.

  • You compete against other people.

    Because a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Which rodeo is that exact thing you compete and you use energy and it exercises you. So do not even think it is not a sport that is why there are no comments on the not a sport side.

  • Barrel Racing Is a Sport

    How is it a sport people ask? Its a sport because you have to trust the horse you are riding and they have to turst you back and let me say that my horse and I have an amazing bond between us. You are running as fast as you can to turn around three barrels to get the fastest time. Oh you play football thats cute try riding a 1200 lb animal.... I bet you will crap your pants.....

  • Barrel racing is for sure a sport.

    You have to earn the trust of a 1200 pound animal that has a mind of their own. Horses are the kind of animal that shies away from loud noises and being in close spaces, when running barrels you have loud crowds and tight runways. It is a sport because you have teamwork, physical activity, and in some cases physical contact, because you might get bucked off, have a horse slip and fall on you, hitting a barrel which really hurts. It really bothers me when people say barrel racing is a sport, But they wont even get on a horse let alone run full speed around 3 barrels. This is coming from a barrel racer.

  • Mental effort and physical effort

    For barrel racing it takes trust, determination, love, passion, time, work, patience and the mental ability to over come your fear after you fall off by running full speed, having your horse slide and fall on you, having a horse tear you and almost crushing your leg and giving you a concussion, or maybe even bucking you off.

  • Yes it is

    Barrel Racing is a sport because you are teamed up with you 4 legged companion and you have to trust him/her to be on your side while running full speed around 3 barrels and also trust him/her that they will get you back safely and they trust you will get them back safely so YES IT IS A SPORT.

  • Exercise in a Game is a Sport

    I believe that barrel racing is indeed a sport. It is a physical activity that is competitive. Many may disagree saying that it is not a sport due to the lack of teams, but you are on a team with the horse. According to the article posted on horseswithaime.Com, "When barrel racing was dubbed a sport the women would take their husbands roping horses and see who could run around the cans faster." This supports the fact that barrel racing is officially a real sport. I believe that barrel racing is a sport and even though others may disagree, I have proof to support it.

  • There is physical effort.

    The definition of sport is that it requires physical effort and mental flexibility. Both of wich barrel racing has.
    A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Therefore, barrel racing IS a sport. Your welcome😊

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