• The total career

    Barry Bonds is one of only two players to win 3 MVP's in his twenties (Stan Musial). He did this because he was the premier 5-tool player, and he did it likely without the benefit of steroids, as evidenced by the change in his body after his early 30's, which is the only evidence that he did steroids at all. He is miles ahead of anybody in bases on balls, and the only player I ever saw intentionally walked with the bases loaded. I think if you exclude him, you should exclude everyone from that era that had any significant muscle tone, including Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell and Jim Thome, who are all now in the HOF.

  • * Yes *

    Yes, I think that he has proven that he was a talented player, and if he is going to be restricted from entering the Hall of Fame for steroid usage, then it opens the door to restrict all players for the same offense. This would even mean removing some previously inducted players.

  • Definitely should be

    Take away the home runs and he has a batting average over .300 and over 500 steals. Those numbers alone should get him in to the hall of fame even if he didn't hit home runs. There have been plenty of steroid junkies in baseball (A-Rod, McGuire, Canseco, Sheffield) butt none of them have come close to breaking the all time home run record like Bonds. I think the most dangerous hitter of all time, a 7 time MVP, 8 gold gloves, the first man to get 500 homeruns and steals and one of the great all around players of all time should definitely get a spot in the Hall of Fame.

  • Under No Circumstances

    Barry Bonds was a cheater, plain and simple. PEDs, no matter who they were used by, make the game unfair and tarnish the integrity at which the players play at. He was likely bound for the hall of fame without the PEDs, but he still took them, and the hypothetical non-PED career he could have had is irrelevant. PEDs should automatically keep someone out of the Hall of Fame. And while I understand that he was a star, PEDs or not, that only served to exacerbate the damage done to baseball and its records. He, along with every other PED used, should be kept out of the Hall of Fame

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