• Base jumping is dangerous

    Base jumping is dangerous because every 1 out of 60 people die from base jumping, also it is far more dangerous than sky diving because the parachute may fail to release at low altitude. Finally base jumping is illegal in many regions because it is too dangerous. That is why base jumping is dangeroun

  • Only a fool would think BASE jumping is not dangerous

    I am an experienced skydiver and am familiar with the mechanics of freefall and parachute equipment. The more one knows about these things the more one realises how narrow the safety margin is in BASE jumping. It is just a small step above having a death wish. Those who have ticked the No box here do not know what they are talking about.

    Posted by: mo1
  • People die from it.

    Yes, BASE jumping is too dangerous, because it is an activity that results in a high rate of injury and death. There cannot be safety precautions put into place that have any kind of real effect on the safety problems associated with BASE jumping. Humans were not meant to participate in such an extreme activity.

  • It's An Extreme Sport

    I believe BASE jumping is too dangerous for me personally, but I'm not into any extreme sports. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of people who are however and what they deem to be too much of a risk can be far different than my opinion, which shouldn't matter to them.

  • People should have agency!

    Yes, Base jumping obviously dangerous, But people partake full well knowing the risk they are taking. People are successful in this sport all of the time. There are rules and safety procedures that are regulated and upheld by sporting bodies that ensure the safest possible situations for all participants.
    This is not to say that those who trespass and base jump should not be punished. But banning the sport all together will not deter these groups of people, They will still continue with breaking the rules anyway. Banning will affect those athletes who follow the safety practices put in place and respect the rules of the sport.

  • Safe If Done Correctly

    BASE can be safe and is safe after years of research have gone into it. It is an extreme sport and as such there is little room for error, however in looking at the Blinc magazine fatality list, the majority of accidents happen through human error not equipment failure... So as long as the correct training is had and you don't forget the fact you can be hurt at any moment, you should be okay. It is when you get overconfident that accidents happen.

  • BASE jumping isn't that dangerous

    BASE jumping can be done safely like so many have proved already. Of coarse there are dangerous aspects of it but bad things can happen in everyday life, does't mean you should hide away from the fear of getting hurt. Jeb Corliss is one of the best BASE jumpers there is and he is incredibly inspiring.

  • It can be safe

    There is obviously a very dangerous component to BASE jumping and people have died from it. However, I don't think it is any more dangerous that other extreme sports, including jumping out of a plane. I think you need to take safety precautions and everything will probably be okay in the end.

  • BASE jumping is not too dangerous.

    BASE jumping is not too dangerous. As long as you know what you are doing then anything can be safely done. People have been doing BASE jumping forever without incident with only those that are not careful winding up getting hurt. I think as long as you know what to do then you should be fine.

  • BASE jumping is not too dangerous.

    BASE jumping is not too dangerous. Many people engage in this activity all the time without any problems. If this were not safe, it would be illegal. In reality, it is more dangerous to drive a car than to engage in most sports that appear dangerous. BASE jumping is perfectly safe.

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