• Baseball is better PERIOD

    Baseball to me is the best sport in the world because it is so interesting and complex, there are alot of stats that go in the game and the tradition is second to none. Not trying to make soccer look bad, but overall baseball has really good teams with great competition from players who come from all over the world. And Plus baseball has the New York Yankees, you can't get any better than that

  • Of course baseball

    Baseball is way better they say soccer is all over the world but so is baseball. Baseball is part of life it's not only a game it's more than a game. It's alright if you say baseball sucks because it's more a smart person sport. Soccer is more for stupid people because the sport is way to simple.

  • So much better

    Baseball, not only being a combination of lots of exercise (running, hitting, catching, etc), but also is the purest sport I hv ever played haha. Soccer, on the other hand is a far more simple game and is a game which is just too common......Just about everywhere LOL and yea no more reasons :p I just think that baseball is seriously better than soccer

  • Baseball is much better than soccer.

    Soccer is very boring. When you play soccer you just run, Dribble, Pass, And shot. Also, Dive and block shots from your opponents. When you play baseball, You can do a lot of things, Like learning how to play all 9 positions on the field, Field ground ball, Fly balls, Pitch, And catch. You also have to learn how to hit.

  • Baseball requires more skill

    Baseball is better. Period. In soccer, You kick the ball and run. People play goalie sometimes. In baseball you have to hit a moving ball, (which needs a lot of skill) especially when the ball moves, Run the bases, Catch balls, Field, Etc. How about pitching? How about being a catcher?

  • Baseball is better than soccer

    If you write that soccer is better than baseball, You are probably a bot that is spamming. Baseball is so much better than soccer and always will be, No matter what. Baseball is actually fun, And requires some skill, Most baseball players can play soccer, But not the other way around

  • Baseball is way better

    In baseball your waiting for the ball to come to you and when it dose you only have split second to react and in soccer all you do is fake injuries and in baseball if you run all the bases you would run 320 feet and that's = to 120 yards witch is twenty feet longer then a football field and in baseball the left fielder may have to throw a guy out from 400 feet. Baseball takes way more skill to play then soccer

  • Baseball all the way!

    All you do in soccer is run and kick. Anybody can do that! Have you ever thought that any baseball player can get up and kick a ball around but I don't see any soccer players with a bat rying to hit a 95 mph pitch coming in. That is just my viewpoint.

  • Baseball is better than soccer

    I play baseball myself self I played All-Stars for Hanford baseball my team went to the world series because of me. You get to watch grown men 30-50 years old jumping up and down like little kids at a rock concert. In my opinion, Baseball is better than soccer forever.

  • Baseball is WAY better

    Soccer is pretty much just grown men running around, Kicking a ball, And then crying just because they got breathed on. In a sport like baseball, You never see a batter cry because he got beamed in the neck. He just walks it off and plays the rest of the game. In soccer, If a 5’6” man gets touched, He’s out for the whole 34 match season. The batter on the other hand just walks to first base with a stone cold face and comes back for the most of the 162 game season. Also, Since the season is longer, Baseball players have to build up more endurance than soccer players

  • Baseball sucks!!!!! Soccer Rules!!!!

    Soccer is a hard sport unlike baseball because all you do is hit a ball and run but in soccer you need to have coordination in baseball you don't. So what i'm saying is that baseball is boring and soccer is fun and way, way, way, way better than baseball will ever be. People who play soccer are the most fit people in the world and baseball is not. Soccer is a great sport to play and baseball can be fun but it is boring to watch.

  • Soccer is the best sport!

    Soccer is the most exercised and played sport of all. People say baseball is because you use more. ?? In soccer you are running, running, and running. Running (with some people fail to noticing) is working everything . After soccer games you are more tired and sore because you accomplished a lot more. You are also out of breathe more which proves your doing more. It's not just kicking a ball into a net. You could say something like that to any sport to make it sound dumb. It is a sport that requires a lot of thinking as well. You have to know if your positioning is right, you need to know when to get the ball, where to pass it, how to pass it, how to kick it, when to come back and up the field, and a whole more (with your positioning as well). I really don't get how baseball players and other people say that baseball is more exercising. You are running bases! Also hardly anybody plays that sport. Which COULD imply that it might be one of the lamest. All around the world you hear of great soccer players and the only person you hear for baseball is really babe Ruth. He is dead. I know this will upset a lot of people but if you played a game of soccer and started playing it you will like it!!! And who knows; maybe you'll make it around the world with soccer (if you make it big) and I don't think you'll make it that big with baseball.

  • I play baseball and soccer and soccer is better in my opinion

    For baseball you stand around and hope the ball is hit to you yes you have to think what if this happens same with batting you try to hit the ball but in soccer you run and its more fast paced and you have to be a quick thinker and try to do what's best for the team so I like soccer more.

  • Soccer is the best

    Soccer is so much better than baseball. In soccer you actually have to run. In baseball you just stand around and chew seeds thinking your so cool. Think about it, YOUR SWINGING A STICK AT A PIECE OF LEATHER. PEOPLE THAT PLAY BASEBALL ARE LAZY. BASEBALL PLAYERS NEED TO PLAY A REAL SPORT

  • Soccer is better than baseball

    In base ball you cont get as much excersize as soccer and whats fun too watch people hit a ball and run to a base ther is no fun in that at all all you do is sit there and watch people hit a fricken ball with a fricken bat theres no excitment when they get to home plate all there is is the crowd saying wooooow and then silent in soccer you see people slide tackle trip break ther anckles and fall. But thats just my oppinion.

  • Soccer is more than just kicking a ball and not many people even watch baseball anymore hence the name PAST time sport.

    People are saying that all soccer is, is just kicking a ball into a box. That's like saying all baseball is is hitting a ball with a bat. In soccer, you dribble, steal, pass, cross, kick corners, throw-ins, WAY MORE RUNNING, and you can do tricks like rainbows, nutmegs, scissor kicks, double scissor, cross-overs, and so many more. In baseball the coolest thing you can do is a curve ball. In soccer there are about 30 million fans while in baseball there are 100 million fans. But worldwide in soccer there are over 3.5 billion fans/players for soccer, while baseball only has 400 million world wide, so obviously soccer is better. If you don't agree, ask those 3.5 billion people who enjoy soccer, instead of baseball.

  • Cause it sucks and everyone at lcs agrees accepted for ryan and zack who have terrible jugdements

    Baseball, now called America’s pastime sport, has lost its loving fans to more popular sports like basketball and football.

    The New York Times also stated that in 2012, the NBA’s regular season ratings on ABC were double those of MLB on Fox.
    The rapid growth of these sports is too much for baseball to compete with, therefore, it is no longer what it used to be. Fans must have finally realized that sitting through a season of 162 games is way too extensive and quite boring after glancing at the constant slow pace of the game.
    I propose that the loaded schedule for MLB might be too much baseball for the crowd, not giving them enough time to shift on to the next sport, as well as lack of action on the field from all the pauses throughout the nine innings. Many fans moved over to basketball to see rapid aggressiveness and dunking and football to see collisions and touchdowns.
    Fair weather causes baseball cancellations because it damages the field to badly. According to Jose Canseco on streetdirectory.Com, up to 85% of MLB players currently use performance enhacing drugs or steroids. I believe the fair weather and cheating wound baseball because it gets delayed numerous times and and is hateful from steroid users.

  • Baseball es dumb!!!!

    You people are so stupid to stand in a field and get hit in the face with a ball when you can have some real fun!!! Baseball is for stubid pepole adn socecer es alot betterer taht baseblla basball es soo dumb you are soo stupid you need a docter

  • Baseball is trash

    You sit in the outfield and finger yourself while the play goes on, people play while having huge guts, there is no contact! Baseball is boring no one can sit through an entire game awake, because it's so damn boring. How is it possible you can eat while playing a sport lol what a joke!

  • Soccer is great

    Soccer is definitely better because anybody can play baseball u swing a bat and a hit a ball but soccer u have to dribble and pass and get awesome moves to go around players. I think soccer is better but that's my opinion not yours. I hope this helps you.

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