• Soccer is gaining steam

    More exciting sports are gaining steam. While baseball has an unpredictability factor, action sports are taking over. Basketball may not be as unpredictable but it is way ahead of baseball. Football will always have a lead on American sports in my opinion, its just fun to watch. The game changer are sports like soccer, hockey and lacrosse. These sports play shorter seasons and have way more exciting atmospheres. The ballpark just isnt exciting. A season that stretches so long with so many games is just financially taxing. The game at youth level is financially taxing.

    MLS soccer attendance is already taking over baseball attendance in cities like Seattle and Atlanta. Baseball has old money, but the sport is dying and honestly I do not see that changing.

  • It is dying slowly.

    Look at the demographics. When you go to the stadium, most folks there are the over 40 crowd. The few kids that you see there are tending to their iPads, phones, etc. and not watching the game. Also, baseball is only played in Japan, North/Central America and some countries in the Caribbean. As the world economy becomes more and more intertwined, soccer will become more popular.

  • Definetly with growth of football in America!

    As football or soccer continues to grow in the states the popularity of baseball will dwindle. Baseball is America's pastime which I respect but, you cannot comprehend the popularity of football the true world sport.
    It dominates Latin america and Europe along with Asia and Africa. Baseball is mostly centered around America and Japan. This i the end of baseball in America and the rise of football!

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  • No baseball is not dying

    Hell no! Baseball is not dying because even though people don't watch baseball on TV at all times, they still go and watch others play baseball even their little kids and other people. Spanish people play it 24/7 and never give up on their dreams to make it to the big time.

  • No not yet

    Baseball is still a very popular and relevant sport. People all over the world play it. In the US, there are many professional teams and many Americans go to games live and watch it on TV. Amidst all the scandals in recent times, baseball has steadily hung on, but I do feel that it has declined in popularity a little bit.

  • Baseball teams are printing money

    Baseball is probably the most successful business in America that isn't named Google or Apple. They provide one of the few programs that people watch live instead of on a DVR and that is incredibly valuable to the TV networks. In 2013 there were many teams, such as the Houston Astros, who turned a profit before they even sold a single ticket. In 2014 the new television deal gives each team $25 million a year in extra money. Baseball is doing just fine.

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