Is baseball more physically demanding than football?

  • Let me think

    Baseball is more physically demanding because baseball players spend WAY MORE than 15 minutes playing in a game unlike football. Yeah, You have to clobber players and pass/run balls in football but baseball requires more thinking when it comes to swing or no swing plus you do throw and catch baseballs.

  • Easy question bro

    Football is way more taxing because it is a collision sport. Unlike basketball where that is a contact sport, And baseball is a very little contact sport. The training for football is the hardest. The games are the hardest because you are literally getting your head smashed in play after play. Please tell me:
    Do you get your head smashed in when you're playing baseball?


    What is the concussion rate in baseball?

    You can look it up but I can guarantee that it is not nearly as high as football.

    Please comment on this if you feel differently.

    Posted by: DB2

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