• Yes yes yes

    It is kinda not the best because football is kind of better and also i was about to say that it was almost the worst but i didn't want to make babe ruth and/or jacky robinson but ty cobb is considered the worst of all time i mean bro kay

  • Baseball has roaring crowds. And crazy and wacky mascots. And the best of the best players.

    Baseball is the one of the middle preferred games. But it is one of the most popular across all of America. There are people that come from Maine to LA just to watch baseball. The pitchers have very important jobs ,and so do the teams. They all have a important part to play. From outfielders to the catcher.

  • It is baseball.

    Baseball is the greatest because it is different. It is played different than basketball, which is a total joke of a sport. In baseball, there's no people like Kevin Durant who sign with the team that had the best record in NBA history. In basketball there is no Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, or old Yankee Stadium. Every arena looks the same. In baseball, you can't just be successful by being 7 foot. In the last two minutes of a basketball game, they just foul the center who can't execute the most simple fundamental ever created; a free shot when everybody is quiet. I can also assure everyone in the world that it's going to be the Warriors-Cavs for the next three years. Baseball is a team sport, unlike basketball, when LeBron just takes the whole team with him to the finals. Joey Votto can't make the Reds good alone. Buster Posey can't either, and neither can Freddie Freeman. It is overall the best sport.

  • Yall stupid asf

    ANYBODY WHO SAYS BASEBALL IS BORING IS ALSO SOMEBODY WHO DOESNT UNDERSTAND THE SPORT. People dont understand the game yet they say its bad. Thats like saying tacos are bad but youve never ate one before lol. Look at these numbers, 82% yes, 18% no. Even this website has ignorant people saying reviews with no knowledge of this sport. Baseball is the greatest sport in my opinion, knowing about the sport.

  • No clock - no one player domination - The National Past Time

    The only sport where the defense has the ball - each player must wait their turn to hit; you can't just pass it to Lebron as in basketball or choose to hand it to your blazing fast running back as in football. Your best pitcher can only pitch every 5 games... You can't run him out there every day or his arm will fall off. The tension and drama is always in the air during a baseball game even during its most peaceful moments - with every pitch anything can happen. And there is no clock - a team never has to go out there and go through the motions knowing the game is over. As long as you have an out remaining, you can still win. And how could it used to be the greatest sport and now it isn't? Baseball is baseball. Players doing steroids for a while may make you prefer to watch another sport, but it doesn't change the what the sport is - it is baseball and it is the greatest sport.

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  • Best sport ever

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  • Baseball easily the best

    Bo Jacksons favorite sport baseball not football. Bo Is by most the greatest athlete of the modern era. Baseball is more individual than football which means its stars shine brighter. The home run is the greatest thrill experience in sports. How many guys in the NFL or NBA can hit a home run? Baseball players also exhibit world class speed. The setting the diamond is the best in sports. Babe Ruth. I think that says it all.

  • Baseball is amazing

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  • You play everyday.

    Even if you can't watch the best sport everyday its on all the time. In other sports you have only one way to score. Their are endless ways to score in baseball. The tickets are cheaper than football, basketball, and hockey games. Baseball has the longest history of any other sport.

  • Y'all be trippin' foreal

    Your brainwashed American minds (I'm American also) believe there are only four sports. Are we forgetting something important.... Maybe..... SOCCER!!!! Baseball has NEVER been the best sport. EVER. Hitting a ball with a stick, for whatever reason, done not seem to entice me quite as much as the athleticism and skill it takes to put the ball in the back of the net.
    Sorry, but not sorry----- SOCCER RANKS SUPREME

  • No baseball is no longer the greatest sport.

    Even though baseball is a great sport to play and watch, I feel that is no longer the greatest sport. Plagued by performance-enhancing drugs scandals, I believe that baseball has lost the distinction as the greatest sport and now football is the greatest sport. More people tune into watch football than I feel would ever watch baseball.

  • No, it used to be

    Baseball used to be the greatest sport. It was youthful and pure at heart. Anyone could play it and enjoy it. However over the recent years with cheating in baseball and use of drugs it has fallen rapidly from its spot as the greatest sport in the world. It will likely take a long time to recover.

  • Basketball is better

    Basketball is the better sport. At the end of a game you purposely foul the other team. You can't do that in any other sport. It's easy to forget that the game is even happening when it's 3 outs in a row for 3 or for 4 innings straight. Baseball can get more slow paced than soccer. Where as in basketball the game is always fast moving. Also baseball was plagued by steroids and the sport hasn't fully recovered from steroids, That is why basketball is better than baseball.

  • Lol you are hilarious m8

    Dude I would rather watch a game of golf than a game of baseball. Baseball is soo boring. I think cricket is better than baseball. I think the greatest sport is soccer. Baseball is for ret*ards. It does not take any skill to play this game. Its just all about hit the ball and catch the ball.

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