• Everything it represents is despicable

    The feminist aspect of the movie for me is irrelevant to this discussion, Although I am anti-feminist. I hate the pro-mental hospital attitude of the franchise (more sneaky and subtle in the first; because even though it wasn't until the sequel that this came; the sequel was already probably in the works at the time this movie came out). The "crazy"-saying "bro"-hating nature of this film. Plus the ass-kissing of Verhoeven, Esthras, And Goldsmiths. Plus the crimes in this movie are despicable. And there's something about the character in one of the villain's books (in the movie, Sharon Stone's character has some book about a boy who kills his parents to see if he could get away with it), I have written so many scripts denouncing such "boys" (really demons), And in them they continuously disrespected, Beaten up, Even murdered. If I was such a bad person I would have taken such a "kid" on the street and beat him to death.

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