• Basketball > Netball

    Basketball is easily better than netball as netball is very slow paced as compared to basketball, You get more of a workout from basketball as opposed to netball, As stated from someone before netball is basketball without the best parts and basketball takes more skill, Athleticism and statedgy

    BASKETBALL > nEtbALl any day

  • Basketball is Netball's Vastly Superior Older Cousin

    Netball is essentially basketball's watered down younger cousin - the best game with all the fun bits taken out. No mad dribbling, confusing zones that you can't enter most of the time, and no sick slam dunks at the buzzer!!! Shooting can only be done by 2 players in the team, and they are entirely uncontested in their shot - with the opposing team forced to stand a metre away and NO CONTACT in a sadistic little game of piggy in the middle. Not to mention the founding principles of netball being that women were inferior to men and were too weak and delicate to play 'men's basketball'. Egalitarians unite against this foul and demeaning discrimination, and strive for equal opportunity for all women (and poor men who suffer playing netball too). Let no one suffer playing netball anymore under the guise of 'sport'. Basketball is the OG superior sport!!!

  • Netball Is better than Basketball

    Netball is much safer than basketball. You have a 50% chance of getting hurt after a basketball match. It also challenges you since you can't dribble, walk with the ball or contact people to gain possession of the ball. Even shooting in a netball ring is a real challenge for many people.
    GO Netball!!!

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