• Yes, Battlefield is a better game than Call of Duty.

    Battlefield is a superior game to Call of Duty because of its enhanced sound and graphics. In addition, Battlefield tops Call of Duty because of its more expansive variation of gaming scenarios. Ultimately, the decision to play one game or another rests largely with the personal preferences and experiences of an individual gamer.

  • Battlefield's multiplayer element is more realistic and the graphics are sleeker.

    While this decision might have swung either way in the past, the most recent Battlefield game outranks the Call of Duty series in sheer graphical quality. Additionally, Battlefield's multiplayer simulates the real experience of using teamwork to win battles, while Call of Duty is more of a run-and-gun arcade shooter, despite claims to the contrary.

  • It comes down to preference, but Call of Duty is more enjoyable for me

    Both games have their high points, but I find that the fast-paced action and the ability to kill players with less bullets in Call of Duty is more enjoyable than the super-large maps and game play that focuses on vehicle combat like you see in Battlefield. I also like the game modes in Call of Duty more, as there's always an interesting game mode to try out.

  • No, Battlefield is not a better game.

    Call of Duty is a much more exciting and involving game for the player than Battlefield. The quality of the graphics and animation is much higher in Call of Duty, and Call of Duty also has a more commanding overall presence. Both the audio and video quality is higher in Call of Duty.

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