Is Bayern Munich the new powerhouse in club soccer?

Asked by: Evilcat2
  • Manager Pep Guardiola

    With a superb manager at helm,they have a chance to do what barca did few years ago,winning a sextuple.Also they have young and talented players to drive future growth as well as excellent youth academy.Besides they also have a balanced revenue structure and are richest in world in terms of commercial revenue,moreover they are nearly debt free and thus can easily comply to ffp rules.

  • The German Barcelona

    Simply, Bayern is actually the best in the world. They are in final of Champions League, they are in final of DFB Pokal (German cup) and also they won Bundesliga before the end of the season.
    They bet points record and also they can beat other records. In Champions League destroyed FC Barcelona 4:0 and 3:0 (at Nou Camp!) by amazing football. Usually Barcelona dominates but against Bayern they hadn't got any chance.
    At this season FCB (Bayern) lost just 3 matches! 1 in league and 2 in CL. Last month, in 4 matches of Bundesliga they scored 20 goals (and conceded just 2)!
    With one of the best goalkeepers, great defence, amazing midfielders and with great forwards they can win everything.
    Amazing, isn't it?

  • Yes, Bayern Munich is experiencing a rise to the top of the field in club soccer.

    Although Bayern Munich is a sports club with a long, rich tradition, it has recently started to experience an elevated place in the world of club soccer because of its many wins, exemplary coaching, and ability to attract the best athletes. They have managed to not only be successful, but also profitable, which is an anomaly in club soccer.

  • different types of play

    Bayern showed the world what it could to in the semi-finals against Barcelona "the undisputed" best team in club soccer with there famous tiki-taka style of play passing the ball back & fourth with out thinking. But Bayern Munich showed they could be stopped beating Barcelona 7-0 in total in the home and away game.. Which left the world in awe ! They are able to play a well counter attack, very strong defence and since they have the physical strength and agility i would say they are the best now, not to mention if they win the Champions League vs Dortmund. And since Pep Gaurdiola is set to be the new manger this summer will they deffintly be the best now? Since Pep the former Barcelona manager who introduced Barca to to Tiki Taka style of play?!?!?!

  • No, Bayern Munich is not the new powerhouse in club soccer. They are a powerhouse, but there is nothing new about that.

    Bayern Munich won three world cups in the 1970s. They have been one of the biggest teams in the league for over 40 years. Even with a small slow down in the eighties, it would be quite a large stretch to say that they are a "new" powerhouse. That would be like saying that the Yankees are a new powerhouse in American baseball. They are the established powerhouse.

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