• Yes, Jay Cutler is meeting his responsibilities.

    Jay Cutler has many responsibilities as the QB of the Chicago Bears. Mainly he is responsible for putting forth maximum effort to lead his team to victory. He meets this responsibility every time he steps on the practice field, the film room, and the game field. We can see the effort he puts in by the results he gets during games.

  • He Was There

    I think Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler is living up to his responsibilities. Football is a game where you can only manipulate the outcome to a certain degree. You can create a strategic plan before hand. You can practice before, but when it's time to play the game, it's time. One team always has to lose. Cutler is there for his team and is therefore living up to his responsibilities.

  • Early success for Cutler.

    Yes, Bears' QB Jay Cutler is living up to his responsibilities, because the team had some early and preseason wins that helped generate a lot of hype for the team. The Bears are not going to rebuild overnight. Cutler cannot be an entire team by himself; the rest of the team is going to have to step up and play well, too.

  • No. Jay Cutler is not living up to his responsibilities.

    In the game yesterday against the Packers, the Bears were keeping pace with them. It is Cutler's responsibility to protect the ball and not throw interceptions putting the Bears defense in a very bad situation against one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. Becaues of the interceptions, the Packers were able to score twice very easily and that falls mostly on Jay Cutler.

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