• Yes, as long as the observer is a human.

    Objectivity vs Subjectivity is a trick. Objective means absolute while subjective means relative. We know that nothing is absolute in this world. However, there is a part in man common to all mankind, and there is a smaller part common to all living organisms, and an even smaller part connecting us with the universe.
    That which is common to all mankind I call an "objective perceiver"; it is inside every human. People go through life, experiencing very different things that shape their overall perception. If not attended to, their pure objective perception becomes foggy.. Adulterated; and this is what we call subjectivity. Subjectivity is nothing but impurity.

  • Beauty is subjective

    People find different things beautiful. For example, I consider the action of an M1 Garand to be beautiful, while another person may not even see that beauty, because he hates all weapons.
    Same goes for tastes in women. I may find round faces, red cheeks and dark hair to be the most beautiful traits a woman could posses on her head, while another may find pale blonds with drawn out faces to be more attractive.

    In other words, two people may see the same thing, but their emotions might very well be different.

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