• Some things can't be contested.

    Some might argue that beauty is subjective, and therefore not universal. While the concept of human beauty can be a subjective thing, I feel that natural beauty is very universal. It's hard to argue the universal beauty of a sunset. Regardless of your own concepts of beauty, most people agree that such a scene is beautiful. Many such things exist in nature. Natural beauty is universal, transcending subjectivity.

  • Reason and Sentiment

    Because our approvals and disapprovals are recognitions of objective value and a response to an objective order, all sentiment can be in harmony with reason (when we feel liking for what ought to be approved) and out of harmony with reason (when we know something ought to be approved but cannot feel it) cs lewis argued this no matter what any human being believes does not neglect the doctrine of objective value even in terms of beauty its not merely up to whomever is experiencing beauty but rather they may be ignorant of what they ought to like (find beautiful)

  • Yes it is

    I live in india and beauty here is what westerners believe in beauty, Indians look a bit dark and dont have such features but i always see western models in advertisement in hoardings. India also has a fairness obsession. I have not seen this in any other country like Malaysia or Indonesia where they always cast a local model instead of western model. Maybe because indians and europeans are both caucasians and certainly we indians like the lighter variant of the two sub-sets.

  • Yes I guess.

    Beauty can be universal we all know and understand how it is meant to be used. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though and not everyone will find the same thing beautfiul. So yes beauty is universal in the sense we understand it but no in the sense that everyone finds different things beautiful.

  • Constants have been shown across culture and time

    Google image search models from non-western countries. Google image search models from previous time periods. What do they all have in common? They are attractive by today's so-called "modern western beauty standard." With this exercise it will become very apparent to you that there's nothing actually 'modern' or 'western' about what we find beautiful.

    This has been validated by science. Studies show universal preferences for a number of physical characteristics, including facial symmetry, high gender polarity (i.E. Masculine men and feminine women), and in women, a waist-hip ratio around 0.7.

  • Yes it is

    Beauty is something we can't put a price tag on nor can we define it to a point. It's universal and something we all have different views on and means differently to us than it would to someone else. You could look it up in the dictionary but that doesn't count as a set explanation.

  • Beauty is universal

    Beauty on the other hand should not be descriptive nor should it be normative. I believe that beauty is universal. Although our perceptions of taste and style may differ from one another; does not mean that we find other tastes hideous? Of course we will always think our taste is better than the rest, but you will still appreciate other styles of art. My belief is that we were all born with an idea of what beauty is, but as life went on other views (culture, media etc) have influenced us very much. That being the reason for our different tastes. But the fact that we can still recognise something beautiful proves that beauty is universal.

  • Yes i agree

    Every one is beautiful in there own way, that is what i think and i dont see how anyone could disagree with this.... So anyone who is reading this hopefully you will agree with me. Now i dont know what to say because it has s minimum of 50 words.

  • Yes it is

    I believe that all cultures should have a chance to express what they think is beauty. Just because someone doesn't think something is beautiful one place doesn't mean it isn't beautiful somewhere else. Beauty does not necessarily mean it is found on the inside but on the outside as well.

  • There is no Universal Beauty

    There is no Universal Beauty in this world because everybody has a different perspective in what is the beauty. Like for people in Mexico like thin waist and big breasts and people in some in Asia like long necks. Everybody has a different view of beauty, so there is no Universal Beauty, so just be yourself, and be happy with it.

  • Beauty is a meaningless construct

    Despite culturally self-gratifying pop science ramblings to the contrary, objective beauty does not exist. Beauty is a response, elicited when exposed to various cues which are often paired with that which is desirable in media, both mass and cultural. Observe the homogenizing of beauty standards with the advent of mass media, and the ever-fluctuating, vapid ideals which people around the world chase endlessly. By homogenizing the idea of beauty and manipulating it, the fashion, diet, and cosmetic industries are able to generate billions in revenue. But beauty, originally, was deeply tied to intimate cultural forces and has only recently been molded into something with some degree of universality.

  • Standards of beauty vary greatly.

    From culture to culture, standards of beauty vary. Such standards have also changed throughout history. Our modern ideals of beauty are greatly affected by the fashion industry and advertising campaigns. The idea that women must be thin, be free of body hair and sweat, and be perfectly coiffed and made up comes from deodorant companies, razor companies, diet-food companies and hair care companies trying to sell more products. Sadly, modern western beauty ideals are in danger of becoming more universal, because of globalization and the spread of advertising imagery.

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